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Rustic can be such a fun style to use around the house. You can feel free to choose furniture made from unfinished wood. Wall art can include nature prints and antlers. No plaid is off limits. But for some spaces you might feel like you can only do so much. For example, take the bathroom. Once you’ve chosen your plaid shower curtain and wood lined mirror, what else can you do to give it the rustic vibes without making it an outhouse? If your budget is in your favor, you might consider replacing your bathroom vanity. Rustic bathroom vanities come in several different styles so once you find one that you like, you will end up taking your bathroom to a whole new rustic level with it. Take a look at these 10 rustic bathroom vanities and consider which one will work best in your rustic bathroom.

When you hear the words “rustic” and “bathroom“, you might have something like this view come to mind and you wouldn’t be wrong. If you really want that cabin feel in your bathroom, choose a wood vanity with variegated wood tones. You could build this yourself using reclaimed wood and it just might become a feature of your home.

Of course, when you’re pursuing a relaxing spa like bathroom, you might not want such a heavy wood piece clogging up your visual space. A simpler rustic vanity could be wood in the same shade which is immediately less busy. Plus, you can opt for modern hardware that will be a good inbetween in your rustic spa bathroom.

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Some people don’t want a big boxy vanity at all. So how do you get a rustic vanity when there isn’t really a vanity to choose in the first place? You use a worn edged rustic piece of wood and make one yourself. With pipes for legs, you achieve a completely open vanity that still whispers all kinds of wonderful rustic things.

Is there a way to do half and half? You betcha there is. Search through thrift stores for that perfect credenza, not for your living room but for your bathroom vanity. A rustic wood piece that’s half storage half open space. No matter what kind of tile you put it against, it will look spectacular.

Speaking of furniture turned vanities, rustic bathrooms are the perfect place to experiment with antiques. A hand me down side table might make the perfect rustic vanity for your little powder room. That odd kitchen island might look better with a sink on top. Of course you’ll have to have a custom top cut for it but in the end, your bathroom will thank you.

When you’re torn between something light or something rustic, it’s time to discover the in between. Buy or build a bathroom vanity out of a light colored wood. Even if it’s chunky like the one above, the brighter tone will keep your bathroom feeling airy and rustic and the same time. That’s a win for both of you.

When you have the carpentry skills on hand, you definitely want to use them in your rustic home. If you can get your hands on some rustic wood, build yourself a rustic bathroom vanity to fit your space exactly. Being custom will finish off the whole space. Plus all your friends will want you to build one for them too.

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When the rest of your bathroom is rustic tile and antler clad sconces, a wood vanity with all the pattern and color might feel a little too heavy for the space. Don’t be afraid to paint your vanity a neutral color. While it might not look rustic by itself, it will take on a life of its own when it’s sitting against all the rustic accents in your bathroom already.

These days, rustic and farmhouse styles are almost interchangeable. If your rustic bathroom is looking a little too cabin worthy for your taste, just lean a little more farmhouse style with your bathroom vanity to complete the look softly. Building a simple vanity like this with a barn door effect on the sides will keep that rustic vibe without the heavy wood look.

What happens when you don’t want a wood vanity and you don’t want a furniture vanity and you aren’t into a boring painted vanity either? Are you out of options? Not remotely. Think about installing a concrete vanity! This popular material will give you the texture that your rustic bathroom needs while maintaining a neutral look.

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