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Neutral decorating is usually one of two things for the homeowner. Either it’s a safe place of tranquility or a coping tactic for the inexperienced. No matter where you fall, you don’t want your home looking bland and impersonal at the end of the day, which is why you put things up on the walls. But when you’re drawn toward the neutral colors, how do you use wall art to express yourself and create interest in your space? Actually, there are a few great options for neutral wall art. You just have to look a little harder. Check out these 10 wall art ideas in neutral colors and get planning.

Large statement pieces are majorly trending at the moment. Give your living room’s statement wall a feast for the eyes with a neutral patterned sculpture made with wood or metal. It will end up complimenting the colors you do have in the room while maintaining its neutrality.

Statement art doesn’t have to be expensive. Using your own two hands and a paintbrush, go wild with blacks, grays and browns on a big canvas. Your modern masterpiece will be the star of whatever room you hang it in.

Are you on the lookout for simple artwork to complement your simple decor? A linear wooden design will seem so simple, modern, and satisfying to almost any styling. Just the piece you needed for that blank spot.

Of course when you are focused on simple and neutral decorating, it can be a good idea to opt for more intricate wall art. If you’re lucky enough to find a giant wooden medallion for your wall, you’ll be the luckiest wall art hunter in the world.

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When you’re choosing to stay in the neutral shades realm of decor, you’ll want to vary your fabrics and surfaces to create interest in spaces that lack color. A metal art piece in shades of brown and gray will give your space an industrial vibe.

While woven wall art pieces aren’t the total rage they were a few years ago, they’re still good wall art options. Buy or make yours in a neutral creamy color that will compliment any wall in your home.

Maybe you’re on a serious budget while decorating your neutral home. Look to readily available resources for wall art, possibly even in your own backyard. A large branch can be an interesting focal point in your living room while steering clear of color.

Everyone should have a gallery wall in their home someplace. Since you’re going for neutral wall art, you just have to be more choosy with your choices. Look into simplistic art prints and black and white photos for a lovely neutral look.

Need a neutral wall decor idea for your child’s room? Large paper flowers can be bought or made out of white paper in all different sizes. Then no matter what colors they choose in their space as they grow, they can always keep their flower wall.

With a tight budget, it’s easy to make do with cheap colorful prints on your wall. But you can easily craft a beautiful neutral piece with stuff from around your home. Collect all the neutral crafting elements you can find and go to town with your glue gun.

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