2 door sliding wardrobe

Sliding wardrobe doors are a stylish, space-saving alternative to traditional outward-opening wardrobe doors, and are ideal for maximising the floor area of smaller rooms, bringing a much less-cluttered feel to box rooms, small bedrooms and studio apartments. However, wardrobes with sliding doors need not just be used for storing clothes ? they can be utilised almost anywhere, and make a great space saving solution for children?s play rooms, home offices and even living rooms, as a place to store toys, documents or home entertainment devices.

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Some sliding wardrobe doors are fitted as part of an in-built unit connected to the wall, whereas others are available as part of a self-assembly pack. Some can even be retrofitted to traditional outward-opening hinged wardrobes. Larger wardrobes in particular benefit from sliding doors, as it creates an aesthetically pleasing look suitable for almost all rooms. In fact, most wardrobes featuring sliding doors measure a minimum of 2000cm in length. With a range of styles and colour schemes from a variety of different manufacturers available, it?s possible to find sliding wardrobe doors to match any décor – traditional or contemporary – from renowned flat-pack home furnishing names to one-off, hand-built artisanal designer pieces. Panels atop the sliding doors can be customised in order to further match the ambience of the room, with any number of different finishes available, including mirrored glass, wood grains, lacquered/frosted/patterned glass or a combination of various designs. Sliding wardrobe doors can also be personalised to match the walls of a room, creating an illusion of more space whilst helping to keep things organised.

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