2 storey house plans

What is better 2 storey house or a cottage? 2 storey house plans will help answer this question. You will use 2 storey house plans to choose the best place, inside design and to plan and calculate the approximate price of your future project. As for accommodation of the house, hill is more preferable than lowland. The house built on a hill has better performance characteristics. There is practically no problem with high groundwater in this position. Then air circulation is performed better, also we have to say about high level of insolation. Moreover if you decide to build 2 storey house, you will have beautiful views of the surrounding area from the windows of the house. Do not forget about possibility to choose the plan which will take into account the maximum penetration of sunlight into the room.

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This will help significantly save electricity and heating. Modern construction technologies allow not only to use natural energy for lightning the house, but also to accumulate produced heat and use it to heat dwelling. All these and other points are also connected with orientation according to the parts of the world. By the way location of the rooms inside will depend on the parts of the world as well. East and south-east are for parents` rooms and quests` rooms. South and south-east are for living-room, children`s room and bedrooms. West and south-west are for a living-room and a dining-room. North is for a kitchen, utility rooms and a larder.

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