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Planning is very important stage of private house building. It must be considered that not only future building, but the stead demands preliminary layout, design drafting, drawing chart diagram. Actually preliminary layout will determine how comfortable it is to live in the building. 3 bedroom cottage plans allow not only to position all the buildings on the stead well, to organize the interior of the cottage, but also to avoid conflicts with neighbors due to violation of requirements and regulations of locating buildings and green spaces in the border area, as well as problems with the various inspection organizations and authorities.

3 bedroom cottage plans photo - 1

3 bedroom cottage plans photo - 2

3 bedroom cottage plans photo - 3

3 bedroom cottage plans photo - 4

3 bedroom cottage plans photo - 5

Any drawings of houses and project documentation are not only the plan of rooms’ location, but also orientation of the building according to the sides of the world, choosing the numbers of floors. Design documentation, land analyzing, planning of house and area, drawing scheme of the utilities connection takes a lot of time to do. But very often builders do not have this time. There is a stead and they cannot wait to start building. However 3 room cottage plans guarantee avoiding plenty of errors which can become apparent during living. It will help to make the house and adjacent territory more comfortable and cozy to live there for long time.

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