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January is always a time for fresh starts. Whether you are big on resolutions or not, sometimes you don’t have a choice. This month my twin toddlers started daycare… thus I started making lunches! Here at Pinch, we are spoiled with delicious family-meals daily. So let’s just say my lunch making skills were a little rusty. To get my groove back, I decided to first hunt for the PERFECT bento box.

Now, as you might imagine, most of the findings were not designed for 2 year olds. But lucky for us, we had a post to write. So voila!

Here is our lunch box round up…

A Lunch Box Roundup for Adults That Will Make You Want to Bring Your Lunch Everyday

Mita by Bruno Marques

Photos by Morley Von Sternberg

Now And Then by Linnie Mclarty and Natascha Madeiski

Bento Colors by Bento&Co

Steel Lunch Box from HAY

Takenaka Bento Box

Magewappa Bento Box Round

Aluminum Lunch Box from MUJI

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