A Soothing, Earthy Color Scheme for a 3 Bedroom Home With Study [Includes Floor Plans]

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While a good designer should never shy away from color, there is something to be said for a neutral color scheme. The right earth tones can create an almost spa-like atmosphere that exudes relaxation and lets both residents and guests feel safe and comfortable. The home featured in this post, from TheNovemberDesign, does just that with its choices. From simple wood flooring to classic use of natural light to muted, neutral furnishings, this home is a calming oasis that’s ready to provide a soft landing place for its residents. Take a look inside and see how the home’s earth vibes mesh with its modern lines.

Upon entering the home, you’re treated to a full view of the open floor plan from a bright living room to an simple dining space.

Despite the somewhat small window, the setup of the room as well as the light colors make good use of the light.

White, natural wood, and soft gray work together to create a really earthy, calm feel in this home.

The home is not completely devoid of color, with soft sage green throw pillows and a dark floor lamp adding a small splash.

Moving from the dining area into the kitchen there is a bit more in the way of blues and greens but still living in the neutral palette.

Because the dining pendant is white, it seems to almost float over the dining table itself.

Floating shelving with personal photos is a very clean way to display this important decor.

The white subway tile backsplash in the kitchen is trendy but has longevity in its simplicity.

The simple shapes of everything from the table to the dining pendant to the area rug in the living room are soothing in the way they fit together.

Simple white venetian blinds may not be the most modern solution but they do the job here.

A large bookshelf is a must for a family of readers.

The entryway includes modern wall hooks for organization , though it is a bit dark.

Wood paneling on the walls as well as the wood flooring adds a lot of warmth.

Finally, a simple wall clock comes back to the sage green color and of course, a bit of practicality.

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