African home decor

When you think of Africa, different variants of home décor appear in your mind at once. One of them is using the traditional African decorations. Idea of African home décor is based on the rich history of this country. This culture traces to the farthest periods of people history when many of cultures did not even exist. This kind of home décor has to be made in neutral tones what means proximity to the nature and the land. But at the same time it demonstrates practicality and ingenuity. There are several ways to use African home décor in your interior. If you want to make complex repair and absolutely change the style of interior from present to African, you should start with painting walls into warm tones and ceilings into neutral and warm tones.

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Colors of mustard and dry orange are perfect for this aim. Though the real sense of African theme in the interior takes place only with pictures or things made by the African craftsmen. Also you can add textile of African tribes with depicting people and animals. The main topic of African design is the idea of animals’ veneration. So sculptures and textile with the images of the panther, the leopard, the elephant or the tiger will make African home décor more saturated. These animals are revered in African culture and their images at home take the important place in the whole interior.

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