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When trying to figure out the best design for a baby boy nursery rooms, we often find ourselves lost in a sea of cliches. One of the first steps when creating a decor is choosing the color palette. Here’s where it gets difficult. It’s not easy to ignore the obvious choices and to turn your attention to other options.

This is also valid when designing baby girls nurseries. But we’ll talk more about that in another article. Let’s now focus on the boys and the best options for their first rooms.

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Although it has become a symbol and a defining color for boys and pink the color for girls, there are lots of other options as well. So try to be different and to distance yourself from the cliches.

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Green, yellow or turquoise can be wonderful alternatives.

Once you’ve chosen the colors, you can also think of a theme for the décor. For a baby boy, you could choose a nautical theme and have pirate ships and maps on the walls and navy blue stripes. Of course, a theme is not necessarily something you have to think of. You can simply try to make the room as beautiful and cozy as possible.

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Also, don’t limit yourself to what décor details that everyone seems to think are suitable for baby boy nurseries.

Try to think out of the box. The décor should be serene and tranquil but also fun and cheerful. But using a lot of color and lots of vibrant shades is not exactly a great choice. Instead of overwhelming the space with color, try instead to create focal points ina more subtle way.

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