Bedroom wall mirror

Decorative mirror are a fantastic accessory for your bedroom, since they reflect light and provide the room with a luminous ambiance. At the same time making it visually larger, brighter and airier. Placing a decorative wall mirror in your bedroom wall mirror is a nice way of creating an appealing focal point in the room and embellishing the space, giving it charm, character and a doze of drama.

Choosing a mirror with a distinctive frame will be an absolute statement maker, and will steal the attention in the room, making it radiate with style.

Mirrors work excellent on an empty wall, perking it up and adding to the vibrancy of the overall look of the room.

Small or big, simple or imposing, mirrors will do wonders in creating a dramatic and unique decor in your bedroom.

If you like the stylish and unusual appeal that is brought by the mysterious beauty of the mirrors.


Bedroom mirrors

Don’t be afraid to play with them and incorporating them in your bedroom design.

Check out these amazing bedroom wall mirror and get inspired into placing one in your own living spot. Continue reading, enjoy and steal some idea if you feel like it!

Set of Two Outstanding Decorative mirror Design

This amazing set of two outstanding decorative round mirrors, with a massive black frame round out the overall appeal of this beautiful room so nicely, and with the decorative accessory in between provide this room with an incredibly stylish and superb vibe, at the same time creating gorgeous balance in the space.

Gorgeous Decorative Mirrors Design

Amazing two- toned bedroom design. That pairs mustard yellow and grey, and is complemented with some golden details which makes its appearance even more wonderful. The distinctive smaller and bigger mirrors with different design jazz up the space and create a lovely, vibrant and stylish look.

Bedroom wall mirror photo - 5

Chic Decorative Mirror Design

This spacious mirror with golden frame looks incredibly good in this Scandinavian inspired bedroom design. Fits into the chic and feminine ambiance, and adds to the style and charming appeal of the spot.

Elegant Decorative Mirrors Design

The lovely elegant appeal of this room is embellished with four big mirrors, placed in a set of two.

Way up the wall on each side of the fireplace. This way an additional height and space is visually added, and elegance and distinctive glamour is achieved.

Bedroom wall mirror photo - 1

Impressive Decorative Mirror Design

This incredibly alluring, rather glorious mirror displays a fine design and an unusual appeal. Placed in the center of the accent wall and surrounded by numerous wall art photos.

It steals all the attention and is the main charmer in this eclectic bedroom wall mirror setting.

Rustic Chic Decorative Mirror Design

The serene ambiance in the space is provided by the all creamy white color palette, rustic chic inspiration and vintage accessories.

The massive mirror above the fireplace is a classic, but with its vintage. Over-used design radiates with some peculiar charm which adds to the drama in the space.

Bedroom wall mirror photo - 3

Vintage Decorative Mirrors Design

These are some really fine vintage mirrors and the most interesting part is that they display even more mirrors in their reflection. We can not get over the shabby chic charm of the decorative mirror , that complement this stylish and feminine atmosphere.

Vibrant Decorative Mirror Design

This big mirror with black frame and black lines stands out in this bold and charming bedroom, although placed behind the sofa. Together with the glass chandelier accentuates the sleekness and stylish atmosphere, while the vibrant pillows perk up the space. Really lovely.

Bedroom wall mirror photo - 4

Sophisticated Decorative Mirrors Design

Numerous different sized and Victorian inspired mirrors put on an accent violet wall make an excellent focal point. Providing the space with dynamic charm and royal appeal. Just notice the vibe in this eclectic bedroom wall mirror – it is radiant and sophisticated.

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