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Carl Hansen & Søn is taking it way back for one of their latest releases as they launch an indoor/outdoor furniture collection by Bodil Kjær. The Danish architect and professor designed the collection in 1959 and almost six decades later the classic series looks as if it could have been designed yesterday. Indoor-Outdoor boasts an architectural feel with clean lines and a focus on comfort for sitting or lounging.

Kjær’s goal was to design a line of furniture that felt like a natural extension of the architecture surrounding it, paying careful attention to scale so it felt balanced. She also placed importance on designing the furniture so that it would last in the outdoors through rain, wind, sun, and snow.

Indoor-Outdoor comes in solid teak that will age beautifully and it requires very little maintenance. The collection includes a dining chair, lounge chair, two-seater lounge sofa, swing sofa, a sunbed, a small table, and a dining table. The only changes made from the 1959 designs were the pieces’ heights, as modern humans are taller.

Indoor-Outdoor launches in stores in October 2018.

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