A Chair design That’s Full of Contrasts

Creating the Contemporary Chair presents arresting and provocative chair design by some of the most interesting Australian and international designers practising in recent decades. Curated by the Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture the exhibition comprises thirty-five new acquisitions supported by Gordon Moffatt AM. This exhibition explores the significance of chairs as markers of design evolution and as objects embedded with meaning, expression, experimentation and utility. Works on display range in date from 1980 to 2016 and include examples of both mass-produced and studio-created chairs sourced from around the globe.

How the history of design of chairs changed

Two years in development Creating the Contemporary Chair explores the allure of the chair and its enduring hold over the designer. Presented through five narratives: Individualism, Idealism, Diffusion, Lineage and Invention, the exhibition offers fresh perspectives on chairs designed in our time.

Discover more about the historical origins of the chairs as Matthew Martin, NGV Curator of Decorative Arts discusses the collection.

Matthew Martin, Curator, International Decorative Arts and Antiquities, NGV

Material provided by the site: www.ngv.vic.gov.au

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