Classic office chair

The Chitaly Collection looks like it can be arranged to create half-formed math equations. It has discernible math and punctuation symbols on the surfaces, adding a nice design element that will get people mulling over their meaning in the context of the Chitaly Collection as a whole.

Almost as puzzling as the name of the furniture family itself, ‘Chitaly’ is a combination of the words Chile and Italy, the two countries in which this series was created. Each piece was crafted out of plywood left relatively untouched with black Raystone used for the tops.

Those looking for some space-saving options for their home decor will definitely want to check out these foldable furniture designs, which are perfectly suited to provide functional furnishings with the ability to be conveniently folded up.

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Classic office chair photo - 2

Classic office chair photo - 3

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Products that are multi-functional are a fantastic way to conserve space, especially in small rooms or apartments. These extremely flexible furniture designs allow anyone looking for some chic decor items the ability to combine style and practicality, by being able to easily fold each piece into a compact size that can be easily stored away. From puzzle-like loungers to easily foldable tables and chairs, these creative designs make decorating a small space much easier.

The ability to transform your furniture into something that can be easily compacted is an extremely handy option, especially if you enjoy constantly rearranging your furniture and decor style.

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