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Decorating With Sage Green Is a Thing for 2018, According to Pinterest –

Pinterest put out their top 100 list of pins list and it looks like decorating with sage green is a favorite among pinners. Sage green is neutral, calming and can flow nicely with nearly any design style including the most popular at the moment: Farmhouse and Mid Century Modern. Sage varies in lightness and saturation. It can be earthy and warm or cool and silvery, so go as neutral or bold as you’d like.

We’re giving you the green light on decorating with sage green. Here’s some inspiration on how you can work with the color to freshen up your spaces!

Sage green kitchens

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A sage green glass backsplash adds some personality to the family kitchen. Image: 50 Degrees

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sage green kitchen ideas -

Sage cabinets flow into the dining room, painted in a coordinating hunter green tone. Image: NJK Interiors

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A rich sage offsets the copper backsplash of this contemporary kitchen. Image: Finch Studio

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sage green farmhouse kitchens -

A modern farmhouse-style kitchen design with two-tone cabinet colors. Image: In Toto Kitchens

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Industrial accents like white subway tiles and brushed silver barstools and pendants work perfectly with sage green. Image: Godrich Interiors

Sage green bathroom ideas

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Sage adds a peaceful, spa-like feel to this bathroom remodel. Image: Kaner Interior Design

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sage green tiles -

The sage green tiles warm up this fusion bathroom that blends Asian and Mid Century Modern styles. Image: Wertheimer Architects

Decorating with sage green in the bedroom

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Combine the cool sage green color with warm spice tones for a unique and striking effect. Image: Robin Bond Interiors

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The grasscloth wallpaper features shades of sage, aqua and taupe for a rich and contemporary effect. Image: Penman Interiors

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A darker shade of sage adds an intimate feel to this large, bright and airy master bedroom. Image: Annie Hall Interiors

Living room sage green decorating ideas

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Upholstering the lounge in a soft sage chenille fabric adds a subtle splash of color in an elegantly neutral living room. Image: Crittall Windows

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sage green living room decorating ideas

An eclectic living room featuring a Mid Century Modern sectional in a silvery gray sage fabric. Image: Christina Loucks

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While sage green is normally very cool in tone, a warmer shade of the tone works beautifully with golds and mustards. Image: James Thomas

Sage Green nursery and kid’s bedroom ideas

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Sage can be very gender-neutral and a good alternative to classic pastel colors. Image: Home Stagers

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A pale sage adds polish to this young girl’s bedroom. Image: Mead Quin Design

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The sage green walls carry the landscaping of the outdoors in. Image: Tamara Mack Design

Will you be incorporating sage green into your home?

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