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Sometimes, as you’re trying to get your house ready for the fall season, time is short but the Needs list is long. This DIY is the perfect answer if you have a drawer, or several, that are in serious need of organizing. Using nothing but cardboard, you can create some DIY drawer dividers in a matter of minutes that will solve your drawer-mess woes. It’s a simple solution, and here’s the step-by-step if you’re interested.

First, determine which drawer needs organizing. For this example, it’s the sock drawer. Athletic, dress, casual, winter, and cozy socks cohabitate in this drawer. Which makes it nearly impossible to find the pair one needs in a timely manner.

Begin by completely emptying the drawer.

Cut four strips of cardboard that are precisely the height of the inner part of your drawer. Basically, you want the cardboard tall enough to thoroughly organize without impeding the open/close function of the drawer itself.

Determine the layout of your drawer dividers that will organize its contents most efficiently. In this instance, we took into account the size of the pairs of socks in length and width.

Determine the layout of your drawer dividers

This became the plan for the drawer dividers: two horizontal dividers, with one dividing the back half of the drawer, and two vertical dividers spaced evenly.

Measure the lengths you need, then cut the lengths of cardboard. In this example, you’ll need two “vertical” and two “horizontal” lengths.

On one of the longer (horizontal) cardboard strips, use the box cutter to cut thin strips halfway down the cardboard. These strips should be at the point of intersection, in your design, with the “vertical” dividers.

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Lay the longer cardboard piece precisely on top of the other, then use the box cutter to cut two more thin strips halfway down at the exact same positions.

Using this same method, cut two thin strips on one of the shorter (vertical) cardboard strips, but cut from the bottom up to the halfway point. Stack, match, then cut the second shorter cardboard in exactly the same places.

You should have cardboard strips (two of each) that look something like this.

Slide the cardboard strips together at the cutout placements.

Flatten the cardboard grid to fit it into the drawer snugly.

Straighten out the cardboard grid in your drawer.

Replace the contents of the drawer into your new DIY drawer dividers. In this instance, the less-used winter socks are placed in the back so they don’t impede everyday access to the much more frequently used socks.

Another tip, when it comes to organizing socks or clothes, is to store them vertically when possible. The second row involves this strategy to a greater extent, because the socks themselves are much shorter and can be “stood” up within the divider.

Organization just makes us happy. Organization that can be accomplished in a few minutes, and for free, should make us ecstatic.

Let’s just go back and remember where we were.

This is so much better. The possibilities for the DIY drawer divider are limitless. This is versatile and useful. Not glamorous. But that’s okay sometimes.

Happy DIYing!

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