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The humble stock tank pool which is actually intended to be used on farms and ranches as a water container for livestock is full of secrets. One of this more unusual uses is as a pool/ tub. This untraditional alternative to the in-ground swimming pool has started a pretty big trend on social media lately. A lot of people see this as a cool industrial-chic addition to their back yards. A galvanized stock tank pool has the great advantage of being super affordable and also very versatile. There are various different ways in which you can install and customize a stock tank pool and we’re going to explore some of the options right now.

there are plenty of reasons why one would opt for one of these galvanized stock tank pools instead of the regular type. One would be the size of the backyard which might not be able to accommodate a standard in-ground pool. For a backyard in Texas, the reason was the unevenness of the terrain. After leveling a portion of the yard, this galvanized tank was placed in a corner where it gets shade from the fence and has plenty of vegetation around it. If you want to find out more about this project, check out letsaddsprinkles.

If you just take one of these metal tubs and you put it in your backyard with no adjustments or additions whatsoever it wouldn’t really feel like a pool….it would just be a big container filled with water. If you want to make it look and feel more like a DIY pool you can build a wooden frame around it, as shown on heywandererblog.

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It may not look like there’s a lot going on here but this isn’t simply a stock tank pool filled with water. In order to actually be able to use this as a pool you need the following: an above ground pool pump, weatherproof silicone sealant, plunger valves, a pool outlet, rubber washers, a strainer nut and a saw. Find out how to integrate everything into your project by checking out the instructions on heywandererblog.

A 10 foot round galvanized steel stock tank pool would be big enough for the kids and might actually be pretty fun for the adults too. It’s not very deep so it should be safe for toddlers but you can always control that with the amount of water you put in it. Smaller tanks can be ok as well so it’s really best to pick the dimensions based on the amount of space available in the yard and on how you plan to use the tank. You can find some suggestions in that sense on embracing-motherhood.

Here’s a cool idea: paint the inside of the tank with pool paint just to give it a less industrial look and to make it look more like a pool. The idea comes from astrollthrulife and that’s also where you can find a bunch of other inspiring things. For example, check out how lovely this galvanized stock tank pool looks like in this cozy nook surrounded by a wooden fence with sconces and shower equipment installed on it.

No matter how you decide to customize your galvanized stock tank pool, some things are essential for maintaining the pool clean and actually usable. For example, it’s important to install a drain plug if you want to be able to drain the pool. You should also place the pool on level ground as a general rule. A filter and a pump are also basic must-have elements for such a project. You can find more details about this on letsaddsprinkles.

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It would be best to place your stock tank pool in a somewhat shaded area so it doesn’t get too hot or uncomfortable. If there are no trees growing in your backyard you can place some tall potted plants around the pool. Also ensure a nice level of privacy =. It would be nice to have a tall, solid fence. You can find plenty of inspiration for that on instagram.

Another really cool idea that we found on Instagram is to build a small pergola frame around your galvanized stock tank pool. You can train plants to grow on it or you can hang planters. It might also be nice to have some fairy lights wrapped around the frame in case you plan on using the pool after sunset.

How about building a sort of shallow deck around the stock tank pool? It could be a nice way to frame it and it would also be practical. You could also have a bunch of planters placed around the tank and we suggest adding an umbrella too for shade. You can find more inspiring ideas like this one on Instagram.

Speaking of umbrellas and shade, check out this awesome backyard setup. It has everything you need and more. We love the curve the fence makes, creating a super cozy vibe and offering a surface to install accent lights and other accessories on. The umbrella is big, wider than the pool and that’s really cool too. {found on Instagram}

If you’re ready to turn the stock tank pool into a permanent feature for your backyard, then it might be worth investing in a custom deck which can wrap around the pool. You could create a cozy lounge area with chairs and a small table there. Don’t forget the umbrella if you want to actually be able to relax out here when it’s hot outside. {found on instagram}

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A small deck can be built next to the pool or around it using wooden pallets. Pallets are incredibly versatile and require few modifications. Just add a few boards to make a level floor and stack the pallets to raise your deck as much as you need too. You can even build stairs. Apart from that, there are a bunch of things you can repurpose, including a cable spool which you can turn into a table. All you need then is a few chairs and, of course, an umbrella to sit under for shade.

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