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In the Neighbourhood – Blue House by Morgwn Rimel

In the Neighbourhood – Blue House is a minimalist space located in North London, United Kingdom, curated and designed by Morgwn Rimel. Rimel, best known for her work at The School of Life, led the award-winning brand into retail, publishing, and digital media, and set up an in-house agency which forms learning and development partnerships with leading companies and institutions.

In the Neighbourhood is a showcase of work from local and emerging designers, artists, and makers in the form of two unique residential settings – Grey House, an elegant North London townhouse, and Blue House, an eclectic loft set in a converted Methodist congregation hall.

Blue House is a residential space that embraces the spirit of creativity, playfulness, and verve. As such, the interior features a dichotomy between eclectic colors and muted tones. The curation follows a contrast between old and new, high and low, and mass and bespoke design.

Photography by Michael Sinclair

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