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Designed by Marcel Wanders for Alessi, “The Five Seasons” is a collection of home fragrances that will reinvigorate your senses through a series of seasonal scents.

Working with perfume makers in Grasse, France (widely known as the perfume capital of the world), Alessi and Wanders created four traditional, seasonal scents named after the evocative mood each scent elicits: Brrr, a wintry mix of bergamot, lily of the valley and musk; Ahhh, a spring freshness of cardamom, hyacinth and vetiver; Hmm, a summery bouquet of figs, red fruits and mixed woods; and Grrr, a smokey combination of incense, cedar wood and moss. A fifth scent, Shhh, was created to explore the abstract with hints of eucalyptus, rose and pachouli.

Each of the scents comes in a variety of home accessories, including scented candles, leaf diffusers, room sprays, lava stone diffusers, bottle candle holders, and candle snuffer.

The leaf diffusers are made with sapele mahogany and each scent has a different leaf shape unlike most diffusers you’ve come to know with their simple stick designs.

The candles are housed in a white porcelain bowl (except the fifth season, which comes in black) and topped off with an ash wood lid that can also be used as a base.

The room sprays take the form of the age-old perfume bottle to enhance the ritual of bringing a moment of calm into a room.

The lava stone diffuser also emphasizes the idea of slowing down and creating a ceremonious ritual when adding drop-off essential oils to the black Sardinian lava stone.

The Smack bottle candle holders can be used to hold both taper candles and tea lights, and pulls double duty as a bottle top for wine bottles.

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Last but not least, the Bzzz candle snuffer helps put out candle flames without creating that smokey, burning scent.

To learn more or purchase “The Five Seasons,” visit alessi.com.

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