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When decorating, there’s a lot to keep track of and a lot of details to take into consideration so that, at the end of the day, the big picture can look harmonious. Choosing the furniture is one of the most important steps, after the walls have been painted and the flooring is in place. Once this part is taken care of as well, it’s time to direct your attention to the little things like the accessories and all the decorative objects that can potentially enhance the decor and the color palette. After all, it’s these things that make a space feel like home. If it’s a family space you’re decorating, have the kids in mind as well when choosing these objects.

There are many different ways of adding decorative objects to a space. For example, several of them can form a collection and they can all be grouped up and displayed together. If you have something specific in mind right from the start, you can even design a wall or your furniture with this particular detail in mind.

This isn’t the first time we mention the Animalia collection and it might not be the last either, given how special and intriguing it is. It’s a series of decorative objects that takes playful ideas and gives them a sophisticated and refined makeover. The result is a set of decorative objects with a lot of artistic flair and lots of character, which takes something very common like a vase or a jar and puts an abstract twist on it, making it almost unrecognizable.

You can find many others similarly intriguing collections in the bosa trade catalogues. We love the way all of these items combine simplicity and sophistication and especially the way in which they blend simple and neutral colors with vibrant tones and metallic accents.

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Nature is a marvelous source of inspiration for everything, including decorative objects. However, few collections are as impressive and as exquisite as those featured by Objet de Curiosite. These decorations are inspired by things like corals, birds and insects and they immortalize these things in surprisingly accurate ways. These collections help us bring nature into our homes in the most exquisite and elegant ways. The objects can be displayed in groups or as standalone pieces.

Anything can be elevated to the rank of art and for decorative objects this is actually quite easy. Artist Thierry Laudren is the creative mind behind installations like this magnificent wall sculpture called Grand Movement. It’s more abstract than everything we looked at so far, being an installation meant to add warmth to spaces.

Meet Edgar and Adam, two crows that you can use as sculptures/ decorations for your home or workspace. They’re not meant to look gloomy. On the contrary, they’re chic and stylish and their role is to enhance the decor, not bring it down. Edgar is designed to sit on shelves or other flat surfaces and Adam spreads its wings and can be hung in various positions.

If you’d like to keep things simple and decorate with things like vases or lamps. You still have tons of designs and styles to choose from. We’d like to suggest the ceramic models from Les Heritiers. They’re elegant and quite artistic without going overboard with the intricacy of their forms or with color.

A decorative object doesn’t have to have a purpose other than to look beautiful or interesting. Sometimes hybrid pieces like lamps or vases manage to blend looks with functionality but sometimes. A decorative item remains just that: a decoration. We’re talking about things like sculptures and these are a pretty good example. {found on ceramicaflaminia}.

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