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Known for refined interiors with a sense of serenity, rose uniacke shares her top tips.

I like lighting to be low-key.


House lighting needs to be gentle and sometimes a little off balance. I don’t like too much perfection, with every picture lit.

I don’t think technology should be discreet.

Unless it is easy to hide and not remotely gimmicky. I don’t like television screens that are mirrored. I like big speakers on the floor – i like the honesty of it.

I am a believer that all style can be worked well or badly.

A dull tile used poorly in a bathroom will feel like a tragic apology, but take the same tile and cover your entire house, and suddenly it becomes a statement and it’s different.

When designing a room, a hand drawing still wins in my book.

They have more atmosphere than computer-designed images.

Invest in things you love.

The tiny, round marble table next to the bath in my own home gives me so much pleasure.

The tiny, round marble table next to the bath

Before ordering, i try furniture in the space it’s intended for.

I often use mdf boxes – even before the building is finished. It helps you feel the energy of a layout.

For textiles, i turn to my store cupboard full of old fragments.

I also love developing a unique fabric for a house. I am working with a few handweavers at the moment.

Look at the unique fabric for a house on Interior4You

Don’t be afraid to seek expert advice.

For a recent project, at godwin house in tite street, we worked with an art historian and developed a new hand-blocked wallpaper design from fragments of an old godwin wallpaper found in the V&A. The result is very contemporary yet cosy.

VERY INTERERSTING  A City-Inspired Rug Collection by Sebastian Herkner for The Rug Company

Look The Photo of a white sofa on the background of decorative wallpaper on Interior4You

Not every room or area needs an obvious purpose.

Generous wasted space, if treated properly, can be the thing that makes a house.

Material provided by the site: houseandgarden

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