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Spanning a mere 42-square-meters, Studio Anita is a modest apartment in Porto Alegre, Brazil, that was designed by AMBIDESTRO Arquitetura. With more people going smaller, it can present a problem for architects, challenging them to think outside the box. While this studio apartment may be compact, it’s mighty when it comes to functionality and layout.

To make the most of the space, the furniture was centrally located in the open living area and consists of a bed, sofa, and desk/dining table. That left open pathways along the perimeter of the room for easy movement between functions.

The thick, plush headboard incorporates storage and becomes a place to set a lamp that can rotate to be useful in each zone.

At one end of the space, the kitchen takes up the entire wall while hiding a lot of function and storage behind its wooden cabinet doors.

Photos by Marcelo Donadussi.

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