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We spend a lot of time trying to find the best way to decorate the walls of our homes and offices and the results are sometimes really amazing but it might be nice to first of all take into consideration all the options when it comes to surfaces that can be decorated. In that sense we’d like to mention the ceiling which is often overlooked. There are many different ceiling types and that means each ceiling design has its own unique particularities. The following examples show how others managed to turn the ceiling into a focal point for a particular space. We hope they’ll inspire you to want to plan your own cool ceiling decorations.

The Blufish Restaurant in Beijing, China has one of the most amazing and memorable ceilings. The interior of the restaurant was designed by SODA architects to reflect an aquatic theme. The architects managed to create a magical underwater world by decorating the ceiling with a mesh installation featuring a variety of different colors. The shapes are reminiscent of fish, jellyfish and water waves. The restaurant also features hand0drawn sketches on the floors which depict corals, aquatic plants and fish.

Another very good example of an outstanding ceiling design can be seen in the 71 Above restaurant located in Los Angeles, California. The restaurant occupies the entire top floor of the US Bank Tower and enjoys magnificent 360 degree views of the city. The interior was designed by Tag Front Architects who came up with the idea of decorative ceiling tiles. they developed a system of custom hexagon-shaped cellular coffers which are made of recycled plastic. Their role is to dampen the sound but also to look dramatic. The ceiling decorations were created in collaboration with Arktura.

A total of 2,700 pieces of timber form a dramatic ceiling decor inside the Ganadara restaurant which is located in Montreal, Canada. They hang from the ceiling at different heights and combined with light fixtures they give the restaurant a truly spectacular and at the same time comfortable look. The interior (including the hanging ceiling decor) was a project by Jean de Lessard – Designers Créatifs. The idea here was to create a bamboo forest on the ceiling and to add warmth to the space by contrasting with the concrete and metal surfaces.

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It seems that geometric designs are quite popular when it comes to ceilings and that makes sense since abstract installations usually have a lot of success. Let’s check out another really cool example. It’s an office space located in Melbourne, Australia and designed by Assemble. Originally, the space has a very ugly ceiling cluttered with pipes and tubes. The designers wanted to conceal all that mess so they created a geometric, origami-inspired ceiling installation out of timber battens.

If you visited the Fucina restaurant from the Marylebone district in London you probably noticed its unusual ceiling. The design of the ceiling and of the interior in general was done by Andy Martin Architecture (AMA). The ceiling is covered in bricks and has a curved design meant to reference the inside of a traditional pizza oven. Although the ceiling design is pretty simple and abstract, its impact on the interior decor and the ambiance is strong and very noticeable.

This is the Lightfold lobby of the One Kearny development which is located in san Francisco. It’s a class A development composed on three buildings, each designed to depict distict architectural eras that go back to 1900. The lobby blends art and architecture by featuring a geometric ceiling installation inspired by coffers. It’s made of wood and it doubles as a lighting installation.

From a distance, you can’t really tell what’s going on here but as you approach the Norgesglasset bar Oslo Airport in Norway things start to become clear and you get to realize that the ceiling and the curved wall of the space are covered in glass jars. The idea is unusual and quite original. The design was done by Snøhetta who also created a large chandelier also using jars. In total the installation required over 4,000 jars.

Upcycling simple and common items into art installations is quite fun and original so let’s check out another stunning project related to this concept. This time we’re looking at a piece of art created by artist Elisabeth Picard for The East Angus CHSLD, a long-term care facility in Quebec, Canada. The installation depicts a tree with the roots and part of the trunk on the fireplace wall and the crown on the ceiling. The tree is made from dyed zip ties, painted aluminum and LED projects. The artist named the project “Sous le grand arbre: racine, feuille et fleur”.

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Sure, all the dramatic and complex ceiling decorations and art installations we showed you so far are special, unique and attractive but when it comes to residential spaces something a bit more simple would be a better fit. In that sense, you can look for inspiration in the interior design created by Terry & Terry Architecture for this family home in Oakland, California. They gave the residence a wood ceiling with unexpected and eye-catching curves which mimic the hillside landscape. The ceiling connects the social areas and integrates a hanging fireplace in the living room.

This is the interior of the Mành Mành hair salon that H&P Architects designed in Hanoi, Vietnam. Obviously, the focal point of the interior is the ceiling which features a total of 200,000 wood beads hanging in strands. Each strand has an overage of 11 beads on it and the entire ceiling is covered in them. The installation adds to the curb appeal of the salon and helps to give the interior a contemporary and artistic look.

It used to be a 19th century cellar until Studio Belenko transformed it into a brandy bar in 2014. The Shustov Brandy Bar is located in Odessa, Ukraine and has a very special and memorable interior design. Inside you can see walls covered with barrel tops and bottoms and an eye-catching ceiling installation made of recycled brandy bottles. The designers used around 20,000 bottles in total to create this unique installation.

There are many Starbucks coffee shops all over the world and while they’re each special in their own way, few stand out the way this place in Dazaifu, Japan does. This place has a very special interior design which was created using around 2,000 wooden sticks. It was a project completed by Kengo Kuma & Associates who weaved the sticks, creating a sculptural, geometric installation which covers the walls and the ceiling of the coffee shop.

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Villa de Bear is a restaurant located in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s also referred to as The Teddy Bear Factory and its interior was done by party/space/design and is organize into three main areas: the reception and two dining spaces. The coolest thing about this place would probably have to be the ceiling decor which features these large gears made of wood hanging above the dining tables on one side and a bunch of large spools covered with rope of different colors on the other side.

If you plan on visiting the dutch city of Delft you’re in for a beautiful architectural surprise because this is where you can find a train station unlike any other. The station was designed by studio mecanoo and features a terminal with an undulating vaulted ceiling. The installation was created using a series of aluminum find and depicts a large and abstract 1877 map of the region which measures 110 m x 70 m.

Our list of amazing ceiling decorations and installations ends with this extraordinary design created by studio Arquitetos Associados for the Olga Nur restaurant which is located in Belo Horizonte, in Brazil. The ceiling is the most amazing part of the design, featuring a total of around 80,000 dowels suspended from the canopy. They’re cut at different lengths and they give the ceiling a wavy look.

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