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If you’re living with boring white walls, you know how intimidating it can be to decorate them or consider painting them a new color. Even if you paint them another color, it’s still going to be solid colored walls. HARU stuck-on design, developed by Japanese company Nitto, aims to change that with their line of adhesive tapes. The colorful tapes can easily change a space with a little creativity and some time.

The tapes come in 8 color families, a variety of patterns, and in 4 widths, allowing endless possibilities for your walls, floors, furniture, or objects. Anytime you’re ready to change it up or if you have to move, simply peel it off. The tape doesn’t damage the surface when you remove it making it ideal for temporary situations.

HARU stuck-on design is set to launch later this month during Clerkenwell Design Week, but it can be purchased anytime here.

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