Furniture online store No. 1 in the world Interior4You

Online furniture hypermarket presents a wide range of products in various product categories. The catalog of the Interior4You web resource consists of a list of sections covering all aspects of the interior decor of residential, office, commercial, preschool, educational and other thematic rooms. The official website is an adapted trading platform where certified products from the manufacturer are sold. For customers attention:

  • upholstered furniture (various sets for the living room, bedroom and children's room, corners, modular sofas, chair-beds, banquets, pouffes, etc.);
  • bedrooms (beds, modular headsets, a wide selection of cabinets, chests of drawers, dressing tables, wardrobes and accessories);
  • mattresses (orthopedic, spring and springless type, mattress covers, blankets, pillows, etc.);
  • for the home (tables, TV stands, modular systems, chairs, walls, sideboards, pencil cases, shelving, mirrors, mods, illumination, etc.);
  • children's (various types of beds, including 2-level, wardrobes, desks and desks, chairs, high chairs, bedding, etc. The range is so rich that Interior4You is often perceived as an online store for children's furniture);
  • for the kitchen (headsets, corners, tables, stools, countertops, bases, sinks, household appliances, etc.);
  • hallways (wardrobe hangers, walls, wardrobes, mirrors, etc.);
  • paraphernalia for the bathroom (shelves, pallets, mirrors, bathtubs, laundry baskets);
  • models for a summer residence, a garden, summer cafes and camping (single products and dining sets, deck chairs, chairs, etc.);
  • rattan products (cabinets, coffee tables, sofas, armchairs, etc.);
  • office paraphernalia (corporate products, executive chairs, tables, pencil cases, racks, etc.);
  • HoReCa (interior products for bars, restaurants, hotels);
  • designer products (craft products in a wide variety of models);
  • entourage for kindergarten (game paraphernalia, swings, slides, sports and residential complexes, jumpers);
  • upholstery fabrics;
  • plastic furniture;
  • Eco-products for living spaces (wooden furniture and chipboard products);
  • systems for commercial and commercial locations (screens, shop windows, etc.).

In addition to cabinet and soft products for a wide range of purposes, other thematic products are also sold through the boutique, which are necessary for the improvement of everyday life. If you need a good online store of home textiles, household appliances, sinks, fixtures, accessories for gadgets and other functional paraphernalia - stay on our website! This is the first web resource in its category through which it is convenient to order almost everything from towels and bathrobes to kitchen systems with integrated cooker hoods and hobs.

The virtual catalog is conveniently organized and available for use 7\24. The range of services is beyond sales only. The best furniture factories are ready to implement any author's project and custom-made a table, sofa, sideboard, modular wall for the kitchen or a set of paraphernalia for the garden. More information is in the detailed description of the site functions. Our advantages are a guarantee of comfortable shopping for each of our customers!

The best assortment for any interior

The modern interior is not characterized by the presence of complex decor, as well as plentiful furniture. The functionality of the home is revealed through the laconicism of the environment and the ergonomics of space, but even minimalism can not do without cabinets, sofas, tables, nightstands, and even ready-made modular systems that provide home comfort. The versatility of the urban style is based on the diversity of materials. Textiles, glass, metal, ceramics and even plastic coexist perfectly next to the tree. Nevertheless, no matter how we experiment with the interior and no matter how eclectic the room we are designing looks like, we go to the online furniture store, first of all, for durable, wear-resistant products that guarantee the consumer total technical safety. Only natural wood and wood-based particle materials can provide these regular requirements: the basic industrial raw materials used by manufacturers.

A popular interior furniture hypermarket Interior4You invites you to get acquainted with the latest interior trends and choose the appropriate variant of merchandise for the purpose of purchase.

Style palette

The presented assortment reflects the most popular aesthetic concepts used by modern designers in the design of residential, office and commercial premises. Each style is functional and in its own way universal, and therefore suitable for various thematic locations. Modular furniture is sold as a set or individually, which is convenient for the design of non-standard, small-sized rooms.

Of the total variety of styles, the following formats are most clearly represented:

  • neoclassic - massive, reliable products from natural lacquered wood. The models are inherent in regular shapes, symmetry, straight lines, carved decor, imitation of gilding;
  • country - entourage, embodying the atmosphere of a suburban, rustic house. Coziness, naturalness, comfort are inherent in him. Characteristic features are natural materials, handmade decor, weaving, the use of an unpolished massif (bright representative - Provence style);
  • Art Nouveau - paraphernalia containing smooth lines and natural shades. Features of the form - in simplicity. A beautiful and at the same time simple design embodies a harmonious design without elaborate decor;
  • hi-tech - products of both simple and intricate shapes, for which various materials have been used: particleboard, chromed metal, glass. The style also covers transformer models combining several functions;
  • avant-garde - a combination of a classic beginning and an ultramodern decor, for example, a massive wooden tabletop and legs from an enameled corner.

Always high quality

Good ergonomic products (United States of America) are made of durable environmentally friendly materials that are tolerant to the human environment. More expensive products are made of various species of natural wood, budget options (those that are inexpensive) are made of various modifications of chipboards with high hypoallergenicity and technical reliability.

As decorative and finishing materials, various textile options are used. A special caste is represented by sofas and armchairs upholstered in genuine leather. As a rule, elite paraphernalia is made to order.

The technology for assembling hull systems provides for glue and jointing, including the use of metal modules.

Accessories made of stainless alloys do not fade and retain their original aesthetic appearance over a long service life.

Customer reviews who have visited the Interior4You upholstered furniture online store and made purchases in it confirm that the seller has complied with all stated warranties. Quality is ensured by the reputation of manufacturing companies, a list of which you will find on a separate page of the site.

Selling through the site on terms favorable to the client

Saving money and time. The price of any product item excludes marketing markups and interest for mediation. Sale is made with delivery to all cities of the United States of America. Well-established logistics allows customers from all regions of the country to shop in an online boutique. Delivery will take several days. It is convenient to place an order at any time of the day, regardless of the day of the week. The system of show rooms (in New York) facilitates familiarization with the assortment of the trading platform in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

The design of the site is convenient and accessible in semantic perception, due to which it will be possible to select the desired product quickly and efficiently. All the necessary information for each model is hidden behind its main photo. When you click on the picture, you go to the personal page of the product. Technical specifications are already indicated here, color options are suggested. Mandatory navigation aspects - the presence of search filters, manufacturer information, contact information, description of the sales and delivery algorithm, industry news. The purchased goods through the site are sent to the virtual basket after you press the “buy” button.

Consulting support. You can solve any organizational issues or consult regarding the style and color of the selected product by contacting support. The consultants of the online store professionally solve any technical problem. Their service is free. For the convenience of dialogue with customers, several communication methods are provided.

Promotions and sales, allowing interested customers to save even more. You will find this section on the cover page: it is located in front of the category of custom-made products.

Improving the customer service system. The online store Interior4You is introducing new forms of corporate activity aimed at protecting the buyer from the slightest risks and making his shopping a civilized, comfortable one.