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Designed for functional purposes, the Oenophilia Bali 10 Bottle Wine Rack will add an element of functionality to any room. Crafted with wood, its sturdy construction ensures years of efficiency and durability. Varnished with a lustrous natural finish, the wine rack will add a traditional touch to the room. It has a stunning structure, which is reminiscent of the waves in the ocean.

The bright item of interior Hiding a good wine in the deep drawers is simply inhuman! It should be kept in sight, pleasing the eye! Simple but functional shelf is the perfect solution for easy storage and a spectacular demonstration of your wine collection. Besides did not it come to your mind that not only the bottle, but the labels are developed for them by famous designers?Therefore they can become a real decoration of the kitchen as well! 10 bottle wine rack will become the real find for any collector of the exclusive wine. It is characterized by a light and elegant design, which is suitable for classical interior. At the same time you can modify it in accordance with the interior of your kitchen.
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10 bottle wine rack it is The best way to store wine

helps to emphasize respect to the drink, giving aristocratic sight and refinement to the room where it is located. This thing is necessary at any home not only for beautiful exterior view, but for right wine storage as well. On the one hand, correctly produced wine rack directs the bottle in one of two ways: under a slight slope or strictly horizontally. On the other hand, there is a great variety of 10 bottle wine racks, in view of this fact the bottles can be placed in most peculiar way. The only drawback of this wine storage is failure to keep the proper temperature and lighting conditions. However if you refresh your bar regularly and do not keep the drink for many years, nothing bad will happen.

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