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10 Inspiring Greenhouse Plans With Amazing Results

We often say that building stuff is easy and a lot of the times it is but that doesn’t mean you’ll be successful without paying attention to all the details or without trying your best. Let’s say you want to build a greenhouse. You’ll definitely need the appropriate greenhouse plans for such a project. The initial phase where you establish the dimensions, placement and the list of materials and tools needed for the project is as important as the actual crafting/ building phase.

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We’ll start with something simple: a window greenhouse. It’s not a greenhouse you can attach to your window but one which you can build out of old windows. This is perhaps one of the most practical ways in which you can repurpose old windows. We found this inspiring project on thewhitecottagefarm and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s super easy to do and that it can be completed in no more than 15 minutes (as long as you already have everything ready). You’ll have to put together a sort of roof for this tiny greenhouse and you can improvise on this part and use whatever you can find around the house.

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We have another inspiring project to share with you and this time the plans are for a tiny indoor greenhouse. It’s a nice project for beginners and these are the supplies required for it: a grow light, a timer, seed trays with lids and seeds. You can use a table as a surface for this project but it can also be a workbench, a desk or pretty much any flat surface. You could even use the floor if the temperature is ok. The greenhouse plans are dependent on the size of the light fixture so choose it carefully.

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Check out this lovely little greenhouse that we found on designdreamsdyanne. The greenhouse plans used for it were free so be sure to check them out if you plan on building something similar. In any case, we really like the way it turned out. It looks cute and the storm windows used as walls are pretty charming too. This was all done using three windows and some scrap lumber. Think of this project as an opportunity to clean up your garage or shed and to put some of the leftovers you’ve gathered to good use.

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Let’s move on to some bigger greenhouses, the kind you can build in your garden or backyard and which look a bit more permanent and solid. There’s this great tutorial on instructables which explains how this amazing structure was built. If you want to put together something similar, you’ll need lots of 40 x 90 treated timber to build the frame. You’ll notice here that these greenhouse plans include a low single block wall which supports the frame. It’s an important element in the structural integrity of the project and we suggest you don’t skip this part.

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A greenhouse makes sense when you’re passionate about your vegetable garden. It’s not something you use only during spring when you’re growing seeds but also during summer when you could keep tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in there or in winter to offer some protection to certain plans. Worrying about the cost of building a greenhouse is pointless. As this inspiring project featured on instructables shows, you can find everything you need for free if you really want to. You’d have to gather some wood and some glass (or acrylic sheets) and the rest will follow.

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It’s never really a bad time to build a greenhouse. Sure, it’s easier and more enjoyable to do this when it’s warm and nice outside but your plants could sure use the extra protection when it;s cold out too. In any case, we found some cool greenhouse plans on instructables and we really want to share them with you. This is the greenhouse you can build with them. To simplify the process, these are the main steps you need to follow: clearing and prepping the site, installing the sprinkler system (if needed), building the deck frame and adding a layer of rocks for drainage, covering the frame in wood and painting it, building the wall frame, then the roof frame and finally taking care of the details.

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If you’d rather try something simple, like a cold frame, be sure to check out this great tutorial on savvygardening. It explains everything in detail and it’s really easy to follow. Here’s all you need: a saw (actually it would be nice to have a miter saw, a circular saw and also a Japaneze dozuki saw, ideally), a sander (or sandpaper), a drill, a tape measure and a straight edge. Use an old window as a lid/ roof.

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It seems that using old windows to build greenhouses is common practice. Depending on the size of the windows and on how many you’ve gathered, you can come up with custom greenhouse plans for your garden. You can even mix and match different types of windows and use glass doors as well. Make a list of everything you have and start planning. There’s this really inspiring project on thegreenlever which shows how you can use diversity in your favor.

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Our search for awesome greenhouse plans also led us to bowtospecialist where we found this tutorial. The greenhouse featured here looks great and isn’t exactly difficult to build. Here’s what you need: 6 meter long wooden posts (4×4), plastic strips, 6” long nails or screws, a lot of 2 1/2” screws (500 or so), film, a vent opener, a thermostat outlet, hunges and a latch. You should also have a saw and a hammer. Be sure to position the greenhouse in an area with lots of sunlight.

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What about the classic arched greenhouse? What if you want to build something like this? It definitely seems more difficult to put together something like this as opposed to a house-shaped greenhouse and in a way it is. However, there are also aspects that make such a project easier. Be sure to check out the arched greenhouse plans offered on pvcplans. They’re detailed and they guide you every step of the way.

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