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Between the kitchen and bathroom, you’ve probably got at least a dozen in your home, and if someone lived there before you, chances are you don’t really like them. Something as small as drawer pulls and cabinet knobs can change the entire look of a space, kind of like adding jewelry to a basic outfit. Yet oftentimes we find ourselves living with outdated and just plain ugly knobs someone else chose. Luckily there are a million options on the market these days so we don’t have to live that way anymore. Take a look at 10 modern hardware options that will revamp the look of your cabinets in an instant.

1. Alberta Pull from Schoolhouse Electric 2. Lambeth Hexagonal Knob by Jonathan Browning for RH Modern 3. Pharmacy from Superfront 4. Nichols Drawer Pull from Rejuvenation 5. Sling Leather Pull by Emanuela Frattini Magnusson for Knoll 6. The Half Moons by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Park Studio 7. Urban Modern District Cabinet Mushroom Knob from Emtek 8. Furniture Know / Plate / Steel by Buster + Punch 9. Hampton T-Knob from CKP 10. Modernist 3″ Center Bar Pull from Atlas Homewares

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