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Shelves are the salt and pepper of interior design. They complete spaces in unique ways and they’re the perfect blend of looks and functionality. Below you’ll find ten shelving types that we find particularly interesting. They each have their own way of adding charm to a room plus some are also super practical and versatile. All the ideas included here today are DIY projects which means you don’t need to look for them in stores, you can build everything yourself from scratch.

This industrial hanging shelf is super easy to build if you have a board, four screws, four screw-in hooks eight wire rope clamps and some rope/ cable/ wire. It can hang from the ceiling to add a bit of extra storage to a room or you can attach it to the underside of a cabinet.

This hanging rope shelf is also designed to be attached to the ceiling but in this case all you need is a single hook. This eliminates the need to drill multiple holes plus the design is super cute and really chic. The supplies needed for this project also include two rectangular pieces of plywood, rope, clamps and paint.

Perfect for the bathroom or the kitchen, this industrial towel rack with oak shelf is not only easy to build from scratch but also really versatile in spite of its limitations. The cool thing is that you can make it as big or as small as you want and that you can customize it by staining the wood or painting the pipes and fittings.

The double box shelf system is quite trendy right now and this gives you a perfect opportunity to update your interior decor with little effort and money. To built this you only need two wooden boxes, some craft paint, wood glue, a hammer, a saw and four small nails. You can use boxes of different sizes and even different shapes.

A single cube box shelf can look lovely too and instead of building it out of plywood you could simply repurpose an existing wooden box. Attach the mounting hardware and after that you can use colored paper or card stock to conceal all these elements and to give your new box shelf a chic and stylish look. Use this as a wooden display shelf for decorations or small collectibles.

A hanging shelf, as it turns out, can be a great alternative to a regular bedside table/ nightstand. The advantage here is the low cost which combined with the fact that you can build and customize the shelf yourself is a great thing to take advantage of. Check out diys to find out how you can make a hanging shelf using a slice of wood and some rope.

Shelves are useful in a lot of spaces, in pretty much any part of a house, but they tend to be more popular in areas like the bathroom or the kitchen. These floating bathroom shelves are interesting because of how robust they look. They give the room a very neat and simplistic look. You can make something like this out of wood and plywood.

Usually, shelves are installed on walls and that’s pretty easy to do. However, that’s not the only option. If, for example, you want to grow a few plants indoors, they obviously need natural light. If they’re the type that does well in direct sunlight, there’s no place better for them than right in front of the window. These DIY acrylic shelves show how you can make that happen without blocking the light or altering the view too much.

You can add more storage space to a small kitchen by installing a shelf above the door. That’s right, that little space up there which everyone ignores can actually be useful. This simple above-the-door bathroom shelf lets you keep extra towels or toilet paper rolls up there so you never find yourself in a difficult situation. Of course, you can also use this shelf as a display surface.

If you feel like one of your walls could use some color and character, consider turning it into a gallery wall. You could build a simple picture ledge (or several) and then use it to display all your favorite pictures, perhaps some paintings, drawings of the kids or whatever else puts a smile on your face.

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