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Considering how many different Christmas ornaments one has to choose from, there’s a surprisingly small offer of tree toppers out there. That makes it quite difficult to be original but also means that you have a wonderful opportunity to turn this into a DIY project. We’ve gathered together some of the unique Christmas tree toppers that we find most charming and most inspiring. They’re original and special in their own way.

Want something cute and colorful? How about a pom-pom tree topper? Doesn’t this one look adorable? You can make your own version out of a styrofoam ball  big enough to look good on your tree and a bunch of yarn pom-poms of different colors. Glue the pom-poms onto the ball and don’t forget to drill a hole so you can put your topper on display where it belongs. You can find additional details on sugarandcloth.

The traditional star-shaped tree topper is pretty nice and looks cute on the tree so you can let that be your source of inspiration when crafting your own unique Christmas tree topper. Check out this stylish version featured on jojotastic. It’s a project which requires a few very specific supplies: 2 sheets of calf skin, twine, gold leaf and a star template plus some tools such as a leather punch, scissors, a lacing needle and a paint brush.

This rustic version of a star-shaped Christmas tree topper looks very charming too. It would be a perfect ornament for a tree decorated with pinecones, wood slice ornaments, burlap decorations and other similar things. To make this unique tree topper you need twigs of various different sizes, some craft wire, a hot glue gun and pliers. All the details of the project can be found on sheffiel.blogspot.

Maybe a dramatic and eye-catching tree topper would be a good fit for your Christmas tree. Check out this starburst design featured on dwellingsbydevore. It looks all glittery and glamorous but it’s actually made out of a bunch of wooden skewers stuck in a styrofoam ball. A piece of PVC serves as a base. It’s the gold spray-paint that ultimately gives the tree topper this chic look.

If you’re planning a rustic or woodland-themed Christmas tree design, this reindeer topper would be just right for the occasion. To make something like this you need a paper mache reindeer head, plaid fabric, glue, dry green foam blocks, and floral picks. You can also add ribbon  and use spray paint or faux snow on the greenery. Check out designdazzle to find out more about this unique Christmas tree topper.

Not all cool and unique Christmas tree toppers are complex and require lots of supplies to make. The perfect example which proves it can be found on abeautifulmess. This lovely JOY topper is super easy to make. You need a wire clothes hanger, some additional easy to bend wire, pipe cleaners, pliers and tape. You can bend the pipe cleaners and the wire into any shape you want.

A giant bow could make a lovely and also unique Christmas tree topper as well. You can make one out of some velvet or other thick fabric. You should also have a glue gun and a piece of fabric of a different kind to complete your bow. You can pick any color you want and combine different colors and patterns to make your topper match your tree. You can find out more about this craft on frysauceandgrits.

Check out this awesome disco ball tree. It’s a lovely look for a white Christmas tree and the giant disco ball tree topper is a cool touch. You can achieve similar results if you take your time to spray paint a bunch of ornaments and of course if you can find one big enough to serve as a tree topper. The whole process is described in more detail on queensvein.

Another cute and original idea is to make a giant snowflake for the top of your Christmas tree. You can do it using nothing more than a few straight branches and some string or twine. First you cut the branches (see the details on gardenista), then you lay them across each other after which you secure them together with twine. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

What could be sweeter than a Christmas tree topper that looks like a giant lollipop? Well, one made of three giant lollipops, of course. This original idea comes from athoughtfulplaceblog and the supplies needed to make something like this include 3 styrofoam disks, red craft paint, cellophane, 3 wooden dowels, ribbon and a drill.

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