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Talk about getting real world experience. 12 final-year students from the Beckmans College of Design paired up in teams of two to collaborate with six of Sweden’s top furniture producers: Blå Station, Gärsnäs, Johanson Design, Källemo, Massproductions and Materia. Together, these six teams created a series of modern furniture prototypes.

Each company provided a brief and lent its time and expertise to its students who then had to bring the company’s idea to life. All of these designs were shown at the Hear Us Out exhibition in the Greenhouse at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Kolonn, designed by LIsa Lindh and Klara Hedengren for Massproductions, is a sculptural room divider and is the first piece of furniture to be entirely made of cellulose fibers.

Vent, designed by Sarah Hasselqvist and Melinda Urbansdotter for Johanson Design, is a playful armchair with a design inspired by dough rising up and out of its container.

Kaj, designed by Ida Björses and Celine Strömbäck for Blå Station, is multifunctional as a sideboard for seating or objects and is constructed out of wood, leather and metal.

Fortuna, designed by Hanna Stenström and Jennie Adén for Materia, is pillowy seating that’s inspired by the shape of a fortune cookie.

Fransson, designed by Anna Herrmann and Lisa Jonsson for Gärsnäs, is a pair of stackable stools that experiment with a variety of woods, leather and textiles.

Arbor, designed by Madeleine Nelson and Frida Pettersson for Källemo, is an architectural piece of furniture that can take on different functional uses or stand on its own as a sculpture.

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Learn more about the collaboration here.
Photos by Rikard Lilja.

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