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Trends in interior designing will keep changing with every changing season or New Year. If you pay visits to lifestyle stores quite often then you must have noticed that the display of decorative changes in every 2-3 months or even more frequently. The reason being people like to keep themselves updated with home decor ideas and hence do not hesitate to spend in best of the decorative elements. Home decor trends have always been of utmost interest for interior design enthusiast and hence we ardently look for the current trends.

2017 home decor trends saw some of the most spectacular home interiors and we are all set to share with you the best of ideas and decor trends here.

  • House Entrance: make the lasting first impression by making the entrance a grand affair. See the below image for reference. We like the hues of green everywhere, it makes the area look inviting and that’s what entrance should feel like. One of the spectacular home decor trends this year. We like the lantern as well on the table.

  • Rustic Home Decor Ideas: 2017 home decor trends saw the use of wood on the floor and ceiling and brick on the wall to make a statement. See the below image for reference. We absolutely adore the idea of having brick wall, makes the area look rustic and cozy.

    Rustic Home Decor Ideas 2017 Home Decor Trends

  • Cork Board Wall: having a wall in the form of cork board is a boon when it comes to home decor ideas. And this was possibly the best of 2017 home decor trends, see the below image for reference. We absolutely adore the way papers of daily use are stuck on the wall.Cork Board Wall 2017 Home Decor Trends
  • Cube Book Cases: designing a wall shelf to store items of daily use or importance is one of the quite thoughtful home decor trends. You can divide the shelf into a number of cubicles as shown in the below image. Such a clean and systematic way of storage!

    Cube Book Cases 2017 Home Decor Trends

  • Combination Of Blue And Mustard: the most liked and strikingly different and pleasingly attractive color combination spotted in home decor ideas was blue and mustard. Imagine having comfortable. At ease blue sofa and mustard color cushions all around for an added comfort, such a pleasing sight.

Combination Of Blue And Mustard 2017 Home Decor Trends

  • Beyond White, Black And Red: we have always seen kitchen area in a combination of these colors. How about going a different with home decor trends and using gray color in the kitchen, just like in the reference image below. The kitchen looks posh, classy and elegant and color gray looks soothing.

    Beyond White, Black And Red 2017 Home Decor Trends

  • Living Area Decor: 2017 home decor trends were planned keeping in mind the living area of the home. And why wouldn’t it be!! After all almost all the casual or formal gatherings with family and friends are organized here! It must look visually attractive and feel welcoming and engaging to begin with. See the below image for reference.

Definitely one of our favorite home decor trends in year 2017. The living room is larger than life; the light hanging in mesh looks strikingly attractive. The frames on the wall look artistic. Such delightful home decor ideas!

Living Area Decor 2017 Home Decor Trends

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