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Are you looking for a gift for that difficult-to-shop-for person in your life? Then you might want to consider buying them a candle or two. These make surprisingly wonderful gifts because candles can fit into any room design. They’re an attractive, classy accent in any space. Many also let off inviting scents. A candle can also make a great seasonally themed gift, thanks to the attractive seasonal designs some of them have. Take a look below to see some of our top picks for candles. The list contains both flameless and wax styles.

Seasonal candles

Candles Scene in Candle

This designer item paints a traditional holiday scene right inside the candle for a classy gift. Find it at Wayfair ($75).

A classic smelling candle from Crate & Barrel ($20) can make a good general gift that helps anyone add some festive cheer to their space.

Candles Glitter Mason Jars

These two glitter mason jar candles at Target ($30) are an attractive addition to just about any room design around the holidays.

These holiday candles with seasonal names can be found at Etsy (Set of 4 , $38).

Candles Holly Design

These two delightful flameless candles with holly decorations, which you can find at Amazon ($22), would make a nice accent in a home around the holidays.

Candles Hand Painted Designs

This set of three candles is hand-painted for crafted holiday cheer. Get them at Wayfair ($27).

Candles Hand Painted Designs

Not all candles need to include a flame. Incense is a great alternative . Source: Anthropologie

Candles Snowflake Style

A set of LED candles with a snowflake design from Kohl’s ($24 to $40) would make a great addition to a winter wonderland home theme.

Candles Artistic Style

This gorgeous, intricate design will draw in the eye of anyone who looks at it, and you can find it at Etsy ($40). It’s definitely in the “too pretty to burn” category.

Candles Evergreen in Wax

This set of flameless candles from Kohl’s ($30 to $60) combines a modern LED functionality with the traditional look of evergreen encased in wax.

A small Christmas tree design from Etsy (Set of 4, $16) can make a good accent around the home. (Think stocking stuffer with this small item.)

Scented candles

If someone on your gift giving list loves rich scents, they’ll adore this Colonial Candle from Wayfair ($18).

Candles Bergamot Scent

Along similar lines, this lemon verbena candle from Pottery Barn ($69 to $149) packs the added herbal scent of bergamot and comes in a natural leaf pattern jar.

Candles Flameless Vanilla Scent

If you were under the impression that flameless candles couldn’t be scented, think again; this set of three candles from Wayfair ($22) has a vanilla scent.

Candles Flameless Vanilla Scent

These have a more geometric shape to them than the LED scented candles above; you can find the set of two vanilla-scented candles at Wayfair ($37).

Candles Flameless Vanilla Scent

For a scented seasonal item, try this Christmas Cookie scent from Yankee Candle, which you can find at Target ($22).

Candles Flameless Vanilla Scent

This item gives off a sugar plum scent, making it a good option for people who enjoy holiday scents; you can find it at Wayfair ($12) featuring a primitive look that’s good for rustic homes.

Candles Flameless Vanilla Scent

Book lovers in your life will rejoice to receive this as a gift, with their favorite bookstore smells right at home; you can find this candle at Etsy ($18).

Candles Cognac Cubans

For the people in your life who like the finer things, this Cognac and Cubans candle from Etsy ($8.48) is a good gift-giving choice.

Soy candles

Candles Zen Eucalyptus

Soy wax burns longer and with less smoke, so this eucalyptus-scented candle can provide ambiance and boost a feeling of wellbeing. Find it at Wayfair ($26).

Candles Message Candle

This personalized soy candle from Etsy ($15.50) is a heartfelt gift for someone close to you.

Candles Three Scent Candle

This soy candle from Kohl’s ($18 to $23) has layers of scents, so it’s like getting three candles in one.

Candles Soy Scents

This peppermint and eucalyptus candle from Etsy ($27) is made with natural essential oils and eco wax (great for the environmentalist in your life).

Candles Roasted Chestnut

Looking for a seasonal stocking stuffer soy candle? Consider this roasted chestnut-scented candle from Target ($5).

Candles Strong Scent Type

These soy candles from Etsy ($8) have some of the strongest scents around – which is important with amazing scents like bubblegum, birthday cake and cinnamon apple.

Candles Jelly Jar Style

This lavender soy candle from Target ($7.39) is housed in a classic jelly jar.

We hope you’ve found some great candle ideas to fit any seasonal room theme or year-round theme. These might just make it a little easier to get that holiday gift shopping done this year.

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