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Table lamp has long ceased to be a novelty or something that attracts attention. At the same time perfectly matched lightning should be a harmonious part of general style decision, complete the design of the room and, of course, cover the area for which it is intended. 24 table lamps give a wide range for your choice. You will be able to buy the lamp which will fit all your requirements ideally. Certainly you should not only choose the model and its color. There should be a clear understanding for what purposes it was designed. That difference in the functional orientation of the table lamps will be the basis of the approach to the choice of lamp. Table lamp for the students of young age must be not only quality, but also reliable. It is important to take into account the subtleties of lightning table: too bright light as well as the lack of it can affect the health of the child and create a negative microclimate.

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The dense and opaque plafond should help direct the beam of light on the table surface, avoiding exposure of the direct light in the child`s eyes. Don`t forget about the hand which your child uses to write. The lamp on a table of the right-hander should be located on the left and on the table of the left-hander – on the right. Table lamp for the desk of an adult should be somewhat different. Despite the coincidence of the technical characteristics, the main difference is the style solution. If children`s lamp may look frivolous and youth, the lamp of the respectable man should be more serious and expensive. Brass, wood, porcelain and glass are often used instead of plastic and metal.

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