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4 door wardrobes are large and spacious frame pieces of furniture. There are 3 or 4 filling sections in them depending on the chosen model. There are a lot of shelves and sections with crossbars for hangers. The advantage of 4 door wardrobes is evident: you can complement it with all kinds of your clothes both outerwear and underwear. You will not spend long hours looking for your favorite jacket or skirt as you know where it is placed.

4 door wardrobes photo - 1

4 door wardrobes photo - 2

4 door wardrobes photo - 3

4 door wardrobes photo - 4

4 door wardrobes photo - 5

The façade of the 4 door wardrobes has the wide range of possible design. The glass elements are combined with wood fragments, photocopying or sandblasting images. It is very convenient to use mirror in the front part of the wardrobe as you can see the whole body.

You will be able to choose proper clothes without searching for the good view of your reflection. Bedrooms, living-rooms or halls are the priority rooms for installing the wardrobe. Usually the wardrobe with a depth of 423 mm is good for installing in the halls in order to save the space. The depth of 573 mm is better for the living-rooms and bedrooms. The high functionality and solving of the design questions of the interior are the main reasons to get this kind of the wardrobes.

No matter what is the size of your dwelling 4 door wardrobe will look harmoniously in any home.

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