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We have time and again mentioned that bathroom is possibly the most personal space of the home for anyone. People now have started paying attention to bathroom design the way they give undivided attention to home decor ideas for other house spaces like the bedroom, living room, dining area, kitchen, and entrance to name a few.

Luxury has become a way of life these days, which could be easily seen in the way people decorate their houses. They go for the finest of interior ideas including best bathroom designs as well. People spend a fortune to make even their bathrooms look absolutely plush and lavish just like the other home spaces.

There are many bathroom decoration ideas and you must take your own time to plan them. The morning experience depends on the way your bathroom makes you feel, and that’s why planning best of bathroom accessories ideas is important. Apart from the basic fixtures like the shower or bathtub, sink, and toilet you can other elements as well that makes your morning experience comfortable.

Be it the kind of light you use, or the color on the walls or the kind of floor. You use or even the type if hand wash and other bathroom accessories ideas, these all are important. Well, we didn’t intend to confuse you. We are here to discuss the best of home decor ideas for the bathroom to make it a pleasant and refreshing everyday morning experience.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: if you are fond of everything country-side, we have just the right suggestion for you. Imagine as soon as you enter your bathroom, it makes you feel you have stepped in a heritage resort! Yes, that’s the kind of experience we are talking about. There are a number of bathroom accessories ideas that are rustic.

Having traditional lantern is the first one to start with, then having a sink made of brass is another. You can even have an iron ladder close to the sink to hang the napkins and towels.

You can make the toothbrush holder from metal containers, just like in the reference image below. Truly one of the best bathrooms designs we have seen.

A Long Sink: one of the important features of bathroom design is the utility.

Having a long sink with 2-3 taps will be a good use if you are too many members in the family and you have just one bathroom for your needs.

You can at least brush together to save time. See the below image for reference. Definitely smart bathroom accessories ideas!

Contemporary Bathroom Designs: home decor ideas are all about contemporary design and you have your bathroom decoration ideas. On the similar lines. See the below image for reference.

Modern Artwork In Bathroom: best bathroom designs are planned keeping in mind all the aspects–comfort, ease and of course the appeal.

You can have stylish ideas for the tiles near the sink area. Just like in the reference image below.

Outdoors In The Bathroom: you can even make bathroom decoration ideas. Look refreshing and fresh by making space for plants near the sink area.

Material provided by the site: homegrowndecoration.com

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