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A bit of lustre combined with edgy compositions might be just what the designer prescribed to take your wall decor from boring to brilliant. Leave behind the world of flat paintings to explore a much more dynamic approach to wall art. Indulge in stylish oddities, such as wire art sculptures, 3D animals, recycled barrel art, and superhero shelving. Many of the finds that we have included are low in price, but definitely not low on style! Whether you’re looking to decorate a rustic farmhouse or a mid-century modern home, we’ve found a little something for everyone. Judge for yourself and live it up a little with our expertly crafted, metal wall art collection!

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Abstract Human Torso Metal Wall Sculpture: The human form reimagined in a geometric flurry of metal rings. A chance to add some unique flare to your space with some 3D metal wall art. These abstract torsos are hand formed and welded by the innovative sculptor, Holly Lentz.

From $66BUY IT

Metal Wire Art Sculpture: The Girl with a Pearl Earring gets a modern update, recreated as a metal art sculpture. Not only does artist, Isabella Pavanati, recreate famous designs and pioneer new ones, but she also offers custom wire portraits!

$4500BUY IT

Metal Horse Wire Sculpture: Free flowing and unique, this metal horse wire sculpture brings equestrian decor to a whole new level, or should we say, a whole new dimension! A 3D piece that you just can’t miss.


Metal Angel Wings Wall Sculpture: Elegant and chic, these metal angel wings can grace your walls for under $100. A rustic piece that will take your holiday decor to the next level, but we completely understand if you’d prefer to keep them up all year long.

From $32BUY IT

Geometric Animals Metal Wall Art: These geometric masterpieces have the feel of paper cut art, but are actually made of sturdy metal. Pick your favorite animal or start a whole zoo wall!


Metal Butterfly Wall Decor: Rustic meets nature with this metal butterfly wall decor. These whimsical, iron creations are sold as a trio and are a must have for any butterfly lover.


Whale Metal Wall Art: A minimilistically chic creation brimming with character. This metal patina whale is handmade and available in 20 colors. With that many color choices, this little guy is sure to fit in with almost any decor! This whale and his other animal friends are suited for both indoor or outdoor use.


Metal Fish Wall Art: A school has never looked so stylish on the wall! This school of fish is a textured display that would be an asset to any coastal or beach inspired home.


Metal Jelly Fish Wall Art: A metal jelly fish created and signed by artist, Kendy Belony. With its dark gray and brown tones, it practically swims off the wall.


Octopus Metal Wall Art: Well, hello Mr. Octopus. This metal octopus wall art brings a piece of the ocean right to your home. Handcrafted and hammered in Haiti from reclaimed metal, this guy was actually crafted from a 55-gallon drum. Love octopuses? Us too! Be sure to checkout our feature on octopus home decor.


Metal Seagulls Wall Decor: These metal birds in dark brown will really pop on your light walls with their sense of movement and freedom. A great piece for a beach house or a nautical inspired room.

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Birds On A Wire Wall Art: The 5 little birds perched on this wall are busy being both affordable and stylish. This birds on a wire wall art is perfect for both neutral and brightly colored walls with its sleek, metal finish.


Botanic Themed Framed Metal Leaves: With metal leaves wildly growing in brown, metal frames, this botanic inspired creation is overflowing with a natural charm. The distressed, gold finish will have your wall glistening with modern elegance.

$100BUY IT

Framed Leaves Black Metal Wall Art: Finally! Trendy plants that won’t die when you don’t water them. This plant inspired, black metal wall art is a slightly unorthodox way to add some modern foliage to your home.


Metal Tropical Leaf Wall Decor: A metal, tropical leaf that packs quite the design punch. This Monstera leaf decor has high contrast with its black finish and chunky aesthetic. A great way to bring some of the tropics in to your home, without the hassle of live plants.


Layered Metal Flower Wall Decor: The layered metal design has this white flower practically blooming off the wall. Coated in a dreamy, white gloss finish, this flower arrives ready to hang.


Recyclable Floral Metal Wall Art: Gold and silver unite to bring you this trio of metallic blooms. These galvanized, metal flowers are also available in Green, Light Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Turquoise.


Metal Leaf Scroll Wall Art: Metal leaf wall art with the perfect amount of length to elegantly scroll across the top of a sideboard or couch. A wonderfully rustic addition to cottage or farmhouse decor.


Fleur De Lis Metal Wall Art: This symmetrical, Fleur De Lis metal art is both rustic and elegant. Its well-made design means that it can be used as indoor or outdoor decor.


Outdoor Metal Art Decor With Iron Wire Fan Leaves: Gold metal, leaf decor that gives off a Hollywood Regency vibe. Made out of textured iron and finished with a luminescent gold, these fan leaves are a modern piece of wall art that really shines.


Rustic Style Metal Tree Wall Sculpture: A zen wall sculpture that can help you add a bit of tranquility to your decor. With free-flowing branches and a strong base, this tree of life would make a great centerpiece for a wall or a dynamic piece to hang over the fireplace.


Metal Family Tree Wall Art With Photo Frames: Integrate some memories in to your decor with this family tree. Just pop your photos in and hang up the tree for some sentimental, yet modern wall art.

From $25BUY IT

Tree Of Life Metal Wall Art: Tree of life wall art is available in multiple sizes and designs. A tree of life symbolizes love and growth, so they are a great reminder of the things we hold closest to our hearts.

From $135BUY IT

Metal Wire Tree Sculptures For Wall: Intricately twisted and molded, this wire tree sculpture is rooted in luxury and modern style. Talented sculptor, Gabor Bedecs, crafts these unique trees using metal wire and lots of patience. They are available in multiple colors and designs.


Floral Metal Heart Wall Art: Nature gets encapsulated in a metal heart with this wall art. Filled with flowers and birds, this is another piece that is handmade in Haiti from recycled oil drum barrels.

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Metal Sun Wall Decor: A little bit of sunshine for those cloudy days. Rustic wall art with a bohemian vibe that would look great in an entryway or outside on the fence. This metal sun also adds a bit of light to Haiti, since purchasing this art supports their local artisans that hand craft these metal beauties.


Metal Mermaid Wall Art: Looking like an image straight from Aesop’s Fables, this metal mermaid wall art has a folksy charm. This is another fair-trade sculpture that aims to help eliminate poverty by creating jobs for Haitian artisans.

$349BUY IT

Abstract Mountains Metal Wall Sculpture: Transparency in material isn’t something we see in a lot of wall art, let alone metal sculptures, so these abstract mountains really got our attention. The warm glow of these metal mountains is a divine illusion that makes them all the more unique.


Metal Sunburst Wall Decor: Repetitious and simple wall decor with a big impact. A metal sunburst that is exploding with Mid-century modern glamour.


Multiple Metal Starbursts Style Wall Art Pieces: This set of metal starbursts is a mid century modern living room’s dream. Edgy and modern, they are a simplistic masterpiece.

$169BUY IT

Handmade Abstract Metal Wall Art: Movement and flow are taken to new depths with this abstract metal wall art. Handmade with grinded aluminum and high-quality car paint, this abstract painting has so much depth and dimension, it almost looks 3D!

$175BUY IT

Abstract Metal Wall Art: Another piece of abstract metal wall art, but this time in a firey, red hue. The various textures splayed out across the 5 canvases create quite the poignant set of art.


Metal Envelope Planter: Now that’s our kind of mail! A metal envelope planter that is a bit quirky and super stylish with its galvanized metal design. A great way to flaunt a bit of greenery in your home.


Metal Musical Notes Wall Decor: Metal music notes that will make your walls sing! Okay, not literally. But your home will be a whole lot more stylish with this metal piece. For more musical goodness, pair this piece with other items from our curated collection of music themed home decor.


Nautical Metal Compass Wall Decor: A nautical, metal compass that will take your wall decor in the right direction. The distressed finish is available in red (shown) or blue.

$120BUY IT

Metal World Map Wall Art: A large, metal world map with an integrated compass and floral design. A black and white showpiece would make a great addition to a travelers home or any contemporary room looking for a bit of flare.

$488BUY IT

Black & Gold Metal World Map Wall Art: Lots of wall map art exists, but none quite like this. A black and gold world map that is trendy enough for the home, yet simple enough for the office.

$100BUY IT

Metal Wall Art Of USA Flag: An edgy rendition of the American flag. This tattered and torn US flag is plasma cut from durable aluminum and is available both painted and unpainted.


Star Wars Themed Metal Wall Decor: Embrace the dark side with this Star Wars themed, metal wall art . The perfect addition to any true fan’s
Star Wars home decor.

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Superhero Wall Shelf With Hooks: Superman saves the city, saves the girl, and now holds your keys and glasses! Alright, so maybe his new job feels like a bit of a downgrade, but this quirky superhero wall shelf will upgrade your superhero home decor.


Floating Superhero Bookshelf: Guns of steel and a metal bookshelf make for quite the combo! This floating superhero bookshelf is super fly with room to display multiple books . An unusual gift and definite conversation piece.


Modern Style Metal Wall Clock: A copper finish, contrasting black hands, and an asterisk design make this modern, metal clock both sleek and stylish. A simple, yet unique design, that is also available in a stainless steel or black finish.


Metal Windmill Wall Clock: Maybe this metal windmill clock won’t get much wind in your home, but it is sure to get a few compliments. This eye-catching design, inspired by farm windmills, is also available in an Americana or Coastal finish.


Steampunk Style Metal Gear Wall Clock: A steampunk style, metal clock that will shift any room’s style in to high gear. A unique configuration and galvanized finish, make this one industrial clock that you can’t miss.


Farmhouse Style Wall Clock Made Of Metal & Wood: Tick-tock goes the clock. Wood and metal meld together to make this
large wall clock. A farmhouse style clock that would be a great asset to any rustic decor.


Decorative Metal Wall Sconces: A little more traditional, but nonetheless stylish. Hang these wall sconces up in the bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere else that could use a wash of ambient lighting.

From $14BUY IT

Metal Letters For Wall: These industrial, metal letters are perfect to display initials or short words on your wall. Use a mix of lighted, marquee letters and simple, galvanized letters to keep things interesting.

From $25BUY IT

Scrap Metal Typographic Wall Decor: Creativity and scrap metal mingle to create this unique typographic wall decor. The interesting shapes and various use of found items really help these signs come to life. Recycled metal has never had such a strong voice!


Metal Wine Cork Holder Wall Decor: A modern way to show off how many wine bottles you drank upcycle your wine corks. This metal “WINE” cork holder is a durable piece of wall art that makes a sensational display over a bar or in the kitchen.


Metal Kitchen Wall Decor: Spice up you kitchen wall decor with a blast from the past with this retro metal sign. The vintage vibe and rustic finish make every meal feel like it’s from an old school diner.

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