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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start planning. We’re talking about the Thanksgiving table decor and everything it implies, like centerpieces, custom table runners and even small things like the napkin rings. It’s all in the details so there are a lot of different ways to customize and personalize the decor. We have a bunch of ideas that we’d like to share with you so let’s not waste any more valuable time. Keep in mind that this is merely a source of inspiration and every idea can be customized in an infinite number of ways.

50 Ways To Make Your Thanksgiving Table Decorations Stand Out50 Ways To Make Your Thanksgiving Table Decorations Stand Out

Halloween is over but pumpkins are still in high-demand because they’re also great Thanksgiving table decorations, as you can see in this post from sandandsisal. If you’d rather not use real pumpkins you can always look for faux ones.

A nice idea is to create Thanksgiving table decorations using fall staples such as fallen leaves, branches, seasonal flowers, fruits or even veggies. It doesn’t have to be anything too complex. Check out this colorful flower centerpiece and foliage napkin rings featured on sandandsisal for example.

Of course, it’s entirely possible to create a beautiful Thanksgiving table setup without all the usual autumn symbols. A good example is this polka dot tablecloth which is as charming as it is simple.

Obviously, it can also be nice to include a bunch of fall-inspired decorations in your project and it just so happens that we have a few ideas which you might enjoy. For example, these Thanksgiving centerpieces starring white pumpkins are pretty cool and stylish.

We love metallic accents on accessories and ornaments and we think a Thanksgiving table setup is the perfect environment in which to make them look exquisite. You can pair a few copper accents with white, pastels and even with some bright pink or magenta for a funky contrast. Check out birdsparty for inspiration.

A simpler and less colorful table decor can look very charming too. A cute idea could be to ditch the tablecloth altogether and to only keep a simple table runner. A white one would look beautiful on a light wooden table. You can decorate it with greenery. This tablescape featured on kristimurphy is the perfect example.

When  planning Thanksgiving table decorations and tablescapes in general, it’s important to focus not on the amount of items but on what you can do with them. In other words, a trio of cute pumpkins and some pinecones can be enough to create the most wonderful decor. You just have to display them in a beautiful manner. You can look for inspiration on andersonandgrant.

The little decorations and accessories matter just as much as the big centerpiece at the center of the table. In fact, creating themed place cards, napkin rings and favors can turn out to be the best part of planning a Thanksgiving dinner. Aren’t these mini pumpkins just adorable? Check out andersonandgrant to find out more about them.

A farmhouse table setup suits the whole Thanksgiving celebration theme perfectly. You can take advantage of that when planning the table decorations and centerpieces. Focus on simple and natural materials, textures and colors and try to keep it all as uncomplicated as possible. You can find a few great tips on farmhouseonboone.

There’s something about white pumpkins that we find irresistible. They look so pure and delicate…a look which goes really well with greenery and soft, delicate textures. We suggest incorporating them in simple and modern Thanksgiving table decorations and centerpieces such as the ones featured on fashionablehostess.

In case you haven’t already noticed, a lot of the Thanksgiving table decorations we showed you so far include greenery, more specifically Eucalyptus clippings. This is a great option if you’re unsure what type of flowers or leaves to use. Check out nestingwithgrace to find out what else you can do to make your Thanksgiving dinner more enjoyable.

Finding the right balance of colors, textures, forms and styles is always important and also applies when dealing with Thanksgiving table decorations. You can see that here, in the setup featured on decorgolddesigns. It’s nice how all the greenery is clustered at the center, leaving the rest of the table bright and simple.

Another nice idea when planning your Thanksgiving table decorations is to focus on scents and flavors and to use candles, citrus fruits and other things such as cinnamon sticks or basil leaves to create a symphony of beautiful smells in the room. At the same time you’ll have the opportunity to combine a bunch of nice colors. Check out annabode for more details.

What if you were to ignore all the typical decorations such as pumpkins, foliage, pine cones and other similar items and create a Thanksgiving table decor that’s a bit more neutral instead? You could use candles, small vases and decorative bowls to create something very elegant. More info at A Beautiful Mess.

Speaking of pumpkins, they can be very charming too and there are lots of ways to include them in your Thanksgiving decor. You can mix and match several pumpkins of different shapes, sizes and even colors. They look lovely in combination with other accent colors such as blue for instance. The inspiration in this case comes from celebratingeverydaylife.

We love candles, the bigger the better. That’s why we find this Thanksgiving table decor from 2ladiesandachair so charming. We particularly enjoy the whole nature-inspired theme. The white pumpkins definitely fill the table quite nicely but they’re not the only eye-catching decorations. Check out these cute burlap and greenery pockets. Aren’t they adorable?

You don’t have to go out of your way to create custom decorations for the Thanksgiving table. You can go with the classic flower vase centerpiece and add a personal touch to the tablescape with some cute tags which you can customize and print out yourself. You can find details on sugarandcharm.

Green and copper…what a wonderful pair. A post from blesserhouse shows just beautiful these two accents look when paired in the context of Thanksgiving table decorations. We also love the shabby chic theme used here.

Not everyone is a fan of simple, neutral-colored Thanksgiving table decorations and that’s entirely ok. A more colorful approach has its own dose of charm, as demonstrated in this post from shadesofblueinteriors. One of the decorations we find most interesting here is the pumpkin which doubles as a vase.

Instead of focusing on color, a different strategy can be to highlight a series of natural materials, finishes and textures. In the context of Thanksgiving table decorations that can translate into burlap napkin rings, woven chargers and fresh, green centerpieces. You can find more inspiration in this sense on stonegableblog.

Here’s another nature-oriented Thanksgiving tablescape. This time the inspiration comes from sweetsomethingdesign. We love the warm colors clustered at the center and the combination of green and brown which surrounds them.

The combination of turquoise and orange featured on craftaholicsanonymous is rather unusual and unexpected but that’s what makes this Thanksgiving decor so special so perhaps you should experiment with your own favorite colors. You should also think of a base color for the backdrop.

If the weather is still friendly, perhaps you could spend Thanksgiving Day outdoors. You could plan an al fresco dinner or lunch and you could let nature and the surroundings inspire you. How about some wood slice centerpieces or some vases filled with seasonal greenery? You can find more great suggestions on thesweetestoccasion.

You can actually use wood for a lot more than just the centerpieces. For example, you could have wood slice chargers or wooden candle votives. This would give the Thanksgiving table a rustic appearance which is just what a cozy home needs. You can head over to thewhitebuffalostylingco for more similar ideas.

The inspiration for all the Thanksgiving table decorations almost always comes from nature and that makes a lot of sense. There are tons of cool and creative ways in which to bring the autumnal beauty into your home. You don’t even have to look far for inspiration. Your garden should suffice. Check out liagriffith for a few ideas to get you started.

Speaking of things you can find in your garden, check out this charming Thanksgiving table setup that was featured on yellowblissroad. It uses pumpkins, corn and foliage as ornaments and it looks amazing.

Here’s an idea that we absolutely love and we’ll definitely have to try soon: a vase filled with all sorts of different-colored branches with leaves instead of flowers. It looks so fresh, playful and original and at the same time it’s so simple and easy to put together. This lovely idea comes from drivenbydecor.

There are all sorts of cute little details which you can use to customize your Thanksgiving tablsescape, like for example these music pages featured on craftberrybush. We also love this particular decor for its centerpiece which has delicate pastel and neutral tones and is neatly outlined by a tray.

The great outdoors and nature in general can be an awesome source of inspiration but so can your own dining room. Look around and let the decor offer suggestions, like metallic sunburst mirror frame and its brick backdrop inspired a tablescape defined by natural and metallic elements. You can find details about this on homestoriesatoz.

It’s amazing how much you can customize and improve the look of your Thanksgiving table decorations using just a little bit of copper tape. We’re talking about these cute white pumpkins and candle votives featured on homeyohmy. They’re super simple and the copper tape really makes them stand out. Of course, the colorful flower arrangement is exquisite as well.

As we often say, a table centerpiece doesn’t have to be complicated or to include a lot of items in order to look nice or to be original and eye-catching. One of the best examples is this white pumpkin Thanksgiving centerpiece featured on ellaclaireinspired. It strikes the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity.

Another way to make your centerpiece look original is to use pumpkins with uneven surfaces or irregular shapes. When everyone is trying to find perfect-looking pumpkins you can look for rejects and give them a second chance. It’s an idea that came to us after looking at this gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape from cherishedbliss.

It can be fun to let the kids become a part of the Thanksgiving planning and to craft some of the decorations themselves. They could make paper leaves, placecards, custom handwritten notes for the guests and also these adorable cork turkeys that we found on liagriffith.

Yes, white isn’t the most representative color for autumn but it’s a classic and timeless color which always looks elegant and which can suit pretty much any style or theme. That being said, check out this classy Thanksgiving tablescape shared by kelleynan.

Some would say that orange is also a fall classic which makes sense if we think of all the pumpkins you can find pretty much everywhere during this season. Of course, pumpkins can be painted and that gives you the freedom to basically create your own custom color scheme for the Thanksgiving table decorations. How about an orange and blue combo? It looks pretty nice based on this table setting from itallstartedwithpaint.

Although reinventing Thanksgiving and coming up with a custom and original color scheme for the all the decorations can be super fun, sometimes it makes more sense to just stick with a traditional look. That means using natural colors such as brown, green, orange or yellow. There’s a lot you can do with these colors too. A particularly inspiring look comes from themakerista.

As you probably know and have seen from all the examples so far, there’s literally an infinite number of ways to decorate the Thanksgiving table. Check out this particularly lovely variation from minted. It’s simple, a bit rustic, a bit modern and with lots of charm.

Something as simple as a pinecone has be used in so many interesting ways…for example as an ornament on the Thanksgiving table. You could put one pinecone on each plate and you could add a few beautiful leaves for contrast. Check out cocokelley for more inspiring ideas.

In addition to all the usual items you’d expect to include in your Thanksgiving table decorations and centerpieces you can also use a few less common ones as well such as these gorgeous antlers featured on livingwithlandyn. We also love the user of string lights in this particular case.

How about a turquoise-infused Thanksgiving table decor? That could look refreshing and quirky, especially when you complement this color with neutrals and warm tones. You could also try a sort of beach-inspired decor if you think it suits the occasion. Check out theturquoisehome for inspiration.

We’re not really big fans of tall or very large centerpiece which obstruct the view to the opposite side of the table but hey, if you like them you should go ahead and plan something special, perhaps something similar to the Thanksgiving tablescape featured on theletteredcottage.

The time for jack-o-lanterns has passed but regular, rustic lanterns are as charming as ever and you can use them to spice up your Thanksgiving table decor. Place a lantern beside a cute little vase or a pumpkin for contrast. The inspiration comes from atthepicketfence.

We mentioned beach-inspired Thanksgiving table decorations before and now we’re back with another inspiring example. It comes from sandandsisal and it includes a lot of cute details such as these white pumpkins with custom tags. As you can see, creating a coastal tablescape is not that complicated.

Rustic and farmhouse-style Thanksgiving table decorations are perhaps the most charming of all, simply because these styles fit the occasion better than others. You can obviously also add a modern twist to the whole process by keeping everything simple, clean and uncluttered. Check out cityfarmhouse for more inspiration and useful tips.

Create your own custom candle votives and centerpieces. You can use clear glass containers and you can fill them with all sorts of things including various types of seeds, beans, tiny pinecones, nuts and pretty much anything that captures the essence of autumn and of this even in particular. You can check out lizmarieblog for additional suggestions.

You may have enjoyed the metallic details included in some of the Thanksgiving table decorations we shared with you so far and you may have wished there was a way to base an entire tablescape on this concept. Well, here it is. It’s something that we found on makinglemonadeblog.

Fancy doesn’t necessarily mean complicated, as demonstrated by this Thanksgiving table setup shared on fancyfrugallife. Check out the ruffled table runner and all the warm accent colors clustered at the center. It’s one of the best-looking decors we’ve seen.

For some reason, we keep coming back to pumpkins and we keep discovering more and more ways to make them a part of fancy and stylish Thanksgiving table decors like the one featured on jennysteffens. Check these adorable little pumpkins used as candle holders and the gourds that just stand there like guardians.

Roses are not really autumnal since they’re pretty popular all year round. Still, you can display them next to some decorative pumpkins or other fall-related items if you want to create a seasonal display for your Thanksgiving table. Check out this cool idea featured on randigarrettdesign as reference.

There’s one more pumpkin-related idea that we’d like to share with you today. The inspiration comes from Southernliving. This is where we found these charming pumpkin vases. You can do something similar using faux pumpkins but it can be just as easy to use real ones if you enjoy the scent and you don’t mind throwing them out soon after the Thanksgiving dinner is over.

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