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The Bathroom

Bathroom is an essential room of each home that you should never underrate. The day starts from here, and if you just retouch the following interior details your mood will be boosted all day long.

Get Rid of the Darkness

  • Don’t leave your bathroom looking gloomy and unwelcoming. The brightness in this part of your home is extremely important. New energy-efficient light bulbs can greatly change the atmosphere and save you some extra money.

Revitalize the Grout

  • After several years, tile grouting can be barely cleaned, so you are probably thinking of regrouting it but this is not necessary anymore. You can just buy a pencil which is meant to paint the tile grout. It’s cheap and you can even choose a different colour that matches your desire.

Hang а New Mirror

  • It’s one of the most important fittings in the bathroom. If you think it’s old and worn-out, you can easily find a budget-friendly solutions. Undoubtedly, you will see the difference and enjoy the new one in the mornings.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is that special space where you find tranquility and where you recharge your energy from the dynamics of the modern life

Your bedroom is that special space where you find tranquility and where you recharge your energy from the dynamics of the modern life. Decorating your bedroom space to fit your physical and emotional needs doesn’t have to cost you a fortune with these useful ideas:

Treat Your Windows With New Curtains

Follow your inspiration and replace that old faded curtains with something fresh and exciting. Just changing the curtains can bring a new accent or a completely new look and feel of your bedroom. Make that change once in a while and you won’t regret it.

For even better results, combine this interior change with window cleaning. Use some helpful window cleaning tips, and easily prepare your own eco-friendly cleaning solution that won’t endanger your health and you will be able to make your bedroom shiny again.

Replace Old Drawer Handles

You have two beautiful bedside drawers that serve you well and that’s great. You can add some new life to them by changing their handles. If you are in a retro mood you can choose some antique-style handles.

And if you want to do a vintage overhaul of your bedroom you can start with some inexpensive decorative handles. It is really up to your taste and personal style to change the appearance of your drawers or your dresser.

Make Friends With Wall Decals

Do you have a plain color wall in your bedroom?

Guess what? You can let your creative genius free by placing a colourful sticker on that wall. Floral motives, birds, butterflies, beautiful poems – the only limitation is your imagination.

Most of the stickers are easy to apply, remove or reposition so you have the freedom to change your bedroom decor as soon as you get bored with it. And the best part is that it won’t cost you a fortune.

In one home the kitchen is the place which brings the whole family together

In one home the kitchen is the place which brings the whole family together. It should be practical, easy to work in it, but also it should be comfortable, cozy and homey. Here are some tips how you could give new life and renew the place.

Refresh the Color of Your Kitchen Cabinets

The white color is predominant in many kitchens but as much as it gives light and spaciousness to the room, it becomes dirty very quickly. The humidity and stains from food can easily ruin your white kitchen cabinets. Refresh their look by applying a fresh coat of white paint and you’ll immediately see the difference. The space will be like a new one – much brighter with a fresh look and you’ll preserve the quality of your wooden kitchen units.

Be Creative with Kitchen Lights

If you still haven’t thought how you could optimize the lighting in your kitchen, try installing self-adhesive LED strip lights or LED light bars under the kitchen cabinets. It’s very practical, you’ll have direct light on the worktops when preparing food. You could choose from a very wide range of white LED lighting across the white color spectrum and transform your kitchen into a cozy space decorated with soft lights.

Restore the Former Glory of Your Kitchen Worktops

One method to make your kitchen worktops look like new ones is to apply self-adhesive vinyl covering over them. It’s easy, fast, clean process and it’s perfect if you work on a budget. That way you’ll be able to hide all scrapes and stains you couldn’t clean. As well as totally transforming the appearance of the kitchen by choosing differently patterned coverings which you can change whenever you want.

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