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Studio Bazi cleverly packed this 33-square-meter (approx. 355-square-foot) flat full of storage and function making it feel much larger. Located in a historic house in Moscow, the compact unit belongs to a single guy who was looking to redesign the space with all the modern amenities.

A large bookshelf spans the wall between the kitchen and the windows and includes space to hang additional chairs.

The entrance to the flat is on the top floor, which is also where the toilet is located.

Utilizing the space under the stairs, a series of pullout cabinets act as the closet to store clothing and shoes. Next to that is the bathroom with the shower and sink.

On the opposite side is an oak cabinet that hides the kitchen complete with a refrigerator, sink, stove, and food storage, plus a washing machine, pullout table, and a curtain that pulls out to separate the bedroom and bathroom from the living room.

Photos by Polina Poludkina.

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