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If you love being at one with nature, relish adventure in the great outdoors or simply crave natural beauty in your life then you’re going to adore this modern rustic cabin in the forest. Entitled ‘Treehouse’ by visualiser Tomas Sciskala, this hideaway home looks the perfect place to bring promises of outdoor escapades before long evenings in front of a crackling log fire. You could argue that you can do that in a tent, but a tent won’t bring you glorious design, a family sized living room and dining room or a full sized kitchen, not to mention a breathtakingly impressive master bedroom with a rather quirky ensuite bath.

A section of the closet opens out as a cubby on the bathroom side, next to the toilet that’s installed at a jaunty angle as though it were a casual accent chair – a nearby bookshelf even accessories it as a reading chair. It really just needs a floor lamp now to complete the look but the homeowner has to make do with a pretty yellow glass pendant light that is suspended over a peacock blue vanity unit. A vessel sink sits on top of the blue high gloss drawers, which is filled by a wall mounted antique look faucet. A huge round frameless mirror completes the look.

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