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The Crafted Sunroom Flat in Taipei, Taiwan, was designed by PhoebeSayswow Architects to maximize daylight and flexibility throughout its two-bedroom interior. The apartment spans 132-square-meters (approx. 1420-square-feet) and part of the renovation included changing the layout so the circulation flowed better for both the children and the pets.

The master bedroom features two glass walls framed in a black geometric pattern that allows light to pass through the space and keeps the visual lines open for a larger appearance.

Light, neutral tones are paired with curated pops of accent colors, with modern furnishings alongside playful design accents. The floors are covered in a terrazzo with a gold detail pattern that changes in the various spaces.

The kitchen features an alcove of blue and white tiles with a matching stove and hood that are all flanked by pink folding panels that disguise storage and other parts of the kitchen..

Photography by Kyleyu Photo Studio.

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