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After quickly outgrowing their 26,000-square-foot office, Dollar Shave Club was in need of a new HQ to house all of their employees in Marina del Rey, California. They were able to acquire the space next door allowing them to create a much larger, 50,000-square-foot office that suited their needs. The company enlisted Rapt Studio to design CEO Michael Dubin’s dream space that focused on connection, collaboration, and comfort for employees and visitors alike.

The warehouse was gutted to make way for the open floor plan, which includes communal workspaces, “squad rooms”, a massage and relaxation room, barber shop, coffee bar with barista, showers, bike stations, and more perks to make it an enviable place to work.

The new HQ brings all the employees together under one roof allowing everyone to work more efficiently and to increase creativity. Plants are placed throughout to bring a bit of outside in, although floor-to-ceiling garage doors offer views outdoors along with much-needed natural light.

Photos by Noah Webb.

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