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Owned by a 30-year-old woman in São Paulo, Brazil, the AK Apartment spans a mere 70-square-meters requiring requiring the designers to think about every square inch. The compact apartment was designed by Rua 141 and Rafael Zalc who used a combination of rustic elements and shades of blue to create a cozy, inviting space to entertain family and friends.

The terrace and kitchen now join the living room giving the feeling of a much larger space. The floors were leveled off and the sash was removed to create one unified room. The exterior brick was left in place adding another layer of texture and warmth along with the wood ceiling above.

The unit benefits from massive windows that meet in the corner of the new dining room.

The concrete bar/island continues into the living room providing shelf space for plants, books, or knick knacks. A bench was incorporated below it for additional seating.

The kitchen cabinets are painted a fresh blue while the tile floors are a more muted blue with a geometric pattern on them.

Photos by Nathalie Artaxo.

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