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The feeling of having your own home can in no way be compared to anything else. It is a proud moment not only for you, but for your family as well. You spend sleepless nights in planning best of Home Decor Ideas. However, the hard work and heart you put in finest interior designing ideas finally pay off.

Guess the feeling is quite similar for celebrity house interior as well. They of course work hard irrespective of their family history and their supporters in Bollywood. After the fame they also deserve to celebrate. Few take holidays and few believe in making investments and first thing that comes to our mind is celebrity house design when we think of Bollywood stars.

Home decor ideas of celebrities are quintessentially classy and luxurious. And today we are going to discuss about celebrity house design of none other than the son of a talented director Dhavid Dhawan. Yes, we are talking about Varun Dhawan. From his first movie Student Of The Year to his last movie Judwaa 2, Varun Dhawan has evolved into the finest actors the country has at present.

Be it his impeccable acting skills or dancing skills or his overall jolly personality, Varun Dhawan has sure stolen many hearts. Recently he has bought a new house in Mumbai giving some amazing celebrity house interior goals. We got an opportunity to have a sneak-peak into his new apartment and we absolutely can’t wait to discuss the glimpse of his home decor ideas.

  • The Humble Entrance: Varun Dhawan’s new apartment is undoubtedly magnificent and it starts right from the entrance. Entrance is humbly designed and is pretty much inviting and welcoming. Varun Dhawan new house speaks volume about his casual yet disciplined personality, which is exactly what celebrity house interior is all about. The entrance leads to the living room and dining area which we will discuss in the coming section.
  • Living Area: like any other celebrity house design, Varun Dhawan new house has dining area which leads to the living room. Is a small coffee table set up as well in the side of the dining table. Varun Dhawan’s new apartment has all the area quite thoughtfully planned.

      • Bedroom: this is the prominent feature of Varun Dhawan new house. The bedroom is the most personal area of the home, thus needs to be nothing less than comfortable and relaxing. His bedroom is well planned with bed on one side and there is walk in closet right behind the wall where bed is located. The walk-in closet isn’t massive but of the right size and beautifully managed. There is a long floor length mirror as well in it. And behind the closet is the plush bathroom. The bedroom of Varun Dhawan’s new apartment totally grabbed our attention.
      • Other Areas: Varun Dhawan new house has a small gym, guest room, study, office and recreational area as well. Can you believe that!! Varun Dhawan’s new apartment has everything once could ask for and all of it combined with finest of interiors.

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse of home decor ideas of Varun Dhawan’s new house. We will discuss celebrity house design of another leading personality next week.

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