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Estúdio Parrado created a wall mirror composed of three complementary pieces that come together for harmonious balance. The Loop Mirror brings together concrete, a metal loop, and a mirror to form what you’d think would be a bulky finished product but instead is a delicate, refined piece for the wall.

Wanting to eliminate waste, they turned to digital technologies, specifically CNC technology, to get each component ready to assemble. The concrete base was formed after making a machined MDF model so they could make a polyurethane mold. The mold was tricky as it needed to have three parts that would shape the notch that holds the mirror glass, a wall bracket, and a pin that holds the frame together, all in one piece. The looped frame is a machined steel strip with two holes that fit securely around the concrete pin.

Separately, the pieces don’t make much sense until they fit together – the mirror slides into the concrete base and then the frame wraps around the mirror and locks onto the base around the protruding pin – without any glue screws, or welding.

The Loop Mirror is available in both Black and White.

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