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Every now and then it’s nice to have a little bit of magic in our lives, otherwise it would all be much too boring and mundane. Unicorns are fantastic creatures in the literal sense of the word, often depicted as very cute and colorful and loved by kids all over the world and sometimes even by adults. Today we’re adventuring into the magical world of unicorn decor and we’re going to have a look at some of the coolest and most inspiring DIY projects that revolve around this theme.

First off, a unicorn wreath. As you know, wreaths are among our favorite DIY crafts so, naturally, we had to show you this cute project that we found on fun365. It’s a super easy project which starts with a foam wreath and some pastel pink ribbon wrapped around it. Then a plush unicorn horn is attached at the top and a bit to the left and after that a bunch of faux flowers representing the unicorn’s mane are added as well. The final detail is the eye which is cut out of black felt.

Another adorable craft that we absolutely love is this giant unicorn balloon which would make an awesome decoration for a kids’ party. If you like the idea and you want to make your own unicorn balloons, you should check out the tutorial offered on fun365. The project starts with a 36” white latex balloon which is inflated using a helium tank. The next step is to add the horn which can be a white party hat with rainbow-colored ribbon coming out of it from the top. You could easily make this out of paper or cardboard. After that, cut the ears out of white and pink paper and glue them onto the balloon. Finally, draw the unicorn’s face using black and pink markers. If you want you can add a colorful tassel too.

Next, a paper plate unicorn photo frame that was featured on artcraftandfun. To make this, you need two paper plates, some glitter paper for the horn and the flowers, an x-acto knife, scissors and some glue. Of course, there’s also the unicorn picture/ drawing which you can cut out of a coloring book, print or let the kids draw. Of course, you could display a family picture in there as well but then it wouldn’t be a unicorn photo frame anymore.

If you’re planning a unicorn-themed party or if you just like unicorns, we have another adorable project that you’re join to love. It’s an easy craft which you can do using cardboard tubes, colored paper, some pink paint, glitter foam sheet, rainbow yarn, glue and a blank marker. What you’ll get is one of the cutest pieces of unicorn decor ever. Also, the project is pretty easy so even kids could do it. Check out the details on kidscraftroom.

Speaking of easy projects for kids, you might also want to check out this paper plate unicorn craft from stylishcravings. The supplies required include paper plates, large googly eyes, colored yarn, scissors, a hole puncher, construction paper and some glue. Obviously this is a very customizable craft so just let the kids use their imagination and get creative with the design.

You know those old rocking horses that we used to play with as kids? You can still find them in stores today but few have retained their vintage look. If you happen to have one then you could give it a makeover and turn it into a unicorn. This tutorial on vintagekitty shows you exactly how to do it. First you clean the horse and then you paint it a nice pastel shade of purple. Then you can staple some matching new ears and a unicorn horn in place after which you can use colored yarn to give the unicorn a colorful new mane and tail. Other decorations are welcomed too.

Looking for a project that’s both super easy, fast and fun to make? We have a suggestion for something like that too. How about some printable unicorn wall art? You basically just print out some unicorn-themed images and then you either frame them as they are or you personalize them a little bit using some glitter. Either way, it shouldn’t take long. Check out damasklove for inspiration.

If time is not something you’re necessarily concerned with, you might enjoy creating a beautiful embroidery pattern like the one featured on cutesycrafts. You’ll need a few special supplies for this sort of craft, such as an embroidery hoop (this one measures 6”), white linen fabric, some embroidery floss in various colors and carbon paper.

This is not a decal….it’s actually a unicorn painted on the wall. If you like the idea, you should check out skunkboyblog for instructions and more cool ideas like this one. It’s easier to get this done if you have a projector but it’s possible to use a template or to just draw the unicorn without any of this. Once you have the white silhouette on the wall and the paint has dried, create a geometric pattern over it using tape and then paint the unicorn gray.

You know those paper mache animal trophy heads you sometimes see mounted on walls, above fireplaces and in all sorts of other places? The animals they depict don’t necessarily have to be real. In other words, you could have a unicorn head on your wall and it could look awesome.

Here’s another unicorn-themed wall decor piece, this time in a different environment but still pretty similar to what you saw above. The idea here is that you can display your unicorn decor crafts in all sorts of different ways and you can find inspiration in a lot of places, like this residence featured on Jettecreative.

Unicorns are not always colorful. Sometimes they’re white and pure and that doesn’t stop them from looking majestic. That is also true about unicorn decor pieces. Check out this simple wall-mounted piece. It looks great in the context of a room with bright-colored walls.

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