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Repair is completed and in front of you there is the last, but not less important stage in the design of home interior – affordable home décor. Of course, you can buy decorative elements in the store. But you must admit that it is much better to make them yourself! Décor for the house with your own hands is particularly relevant in the interior which presupposes a product hand-made. In addition home décor will help to emphasize the originality of home interior design and create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Affordable home décor can be made from virtually any material handy: beads, fabric pieces, clay, paper, or even thread.

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Just think what is closer to you. So, you can embroider beautiful pictures, knit elegant openwork tablecloth or napkins, sew unusual oven gloves and so on. All is in your hands and depends solely on your creativity and imagination. Patchwork is the imaginative technique of creating exclusive plaids, rugs or pillowcases of the fabric snippets. In addition, you can try to make a decorative element of the ribbons. For example, gather them into a composition or decorate a pillow or curtain with colorful ribbons. Do you prefer flowers? Age of natural flowers is not long, but you can make a magnificent decor for the house with your own hands. Just imagine and create with affordable home décor!

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