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The kitchen island has become one of the most utilitarian spaces in a home, moving from just a place for cooking to a place to entertain and gather around amongst friends and family. As the first part of their 2018 collaboration, leading quartz manufacturer Caesarstone and multi-design practice Snarkitecture have taken the main hub of the home and put it front and center in their Altered States installation. Inspired by water, a main ingredient in any kitchen, Snarkitecture created four kitchen islands – titled Ice Island, Water Island, Steam Island and Play Island – using Caesarstone surfaces that explore water’s “changing states” in both the kitchen and nature.

Ice Island is composed of 37 topographic layers of Caesarstone’s Vanilla Noir 5100 surface. A sphere of ice serves as a focal point before drawing your eyes towards the layers, colors and textures of the island. Water Island is made with 32 layers of Alpine Mist 5100 featuring a water fountain. Steam Island uses 28 layers of White Attica 5142 and emits water vapor resembling a natural geyser. Lastly, as a playful departure from the other three nature-inspired islands, Play Island takes 9 layers of Rugged Concrete 4033 and turns it into video game.

Stay tuned. Altered States will be followed by a main large-scale installation during Milan Design Week in April 2018.

Photos by Alex Lukey.

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