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Borrowing the same LED technology responsible for illuminating the screens of smartphones, the Petunia mirror by Amiro offers a technological upgrade to the traditional makeup mirror, previewing skin tone with simulated sunlight for a more accurate reflection.

The original Petunia mirror concept was rated to simulate up to 50,000 color variations using a compatible app, offering users the ability to simulate the lighting of an overcast day, gym, office, or a bright sunny day for more accurate makeup and skin assessment. Unfortunately the finalized consumer product lost this feature likely due to cost-cutting measures.

With 100,000 individual perforated dots, the Amiro mirror’s four LED bead panels situated beneath and across the mirror’s circular layout is capable of a brightness range of a night-mode 300 lux all the way to 900 lux for up-close inspection.

Design details include a large base plate with a gentle curve lip for storage alongside a 0-60-degree adjustable base housing an internal battery lasting up to 2 weeks between charges.

Designed for the Chinese retail market, the Petunia mirror is sold by AMIRO as a XIAOMI-invested brand, but is also available in two colorways online for under $60.

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