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An All-White Bookstore in Xi’an, China That Lets the Books Add the Color

Most bookstores seem to have that dark, cramped feel with shelves of books stacked high to the ceiling… but not the Zhongshu Bookstore in Xi’an, China. Thanks to Wutopia Lab, this bookstore is the exact opposite and it feels quite magical with all-white surfaces, curvy walls, and plenty of space to roam around while shopping for books.

The interior features floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that curve back and forth revealing colorful books along the way. The custom bookshelves were quite the undertaking comprising a steel frame behind the bookshelves that supports the massive structure. The steel plated shelves span 3,000 meters long and appear as if they’re floating, almost like you’re walking through the center of a cloud. To achieve that continuous undulating perimeter of shelves, calculations were programmed and processed by CNC machines to get each steel plate component which were then assembled on site.

Display tables mimic the rounded curves of the shelves and become floating islands for books to rest.

Photos by CreatAR Images.

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